FsRtpStream — A RTP stream in a FsRtpSession in a FsRtpConference


FsRtpHeaderExtensionGList * rtp-header-extensions Read / Write
gboolean send-rtcp-mux Read / Write

Types and Values

struct FsRtpStream


This is the conjunction of a FsRtpParticipant and a FsRtpSession, it is created by calling fs_session_new_stream() on a FsRtpSession.

SRTP authentication & decryption

To tell FsRtpStream to authenticate and decrypt the media it is receiving using SRTP, one must set the parameters using a GstStructure named "FarstreamSRTP" and pass it to fs_stream_set_decryption_parameters(). The cipher, auth, and key must be specified, refer to the FsRtpSession documentation for details.


Types and Values

struct FsRtpStream

struct FsRtpStream {
  FsStream parent;

Property Details

The “rtp-header-extensions” property

  “rtp-header-extensions”    FsRtpHeaderExtensionGList *

GList of RTP Header extensions that the participant for this stream would like to use.

Flags: Read / Write

The “send-rtcp-mux” property

  “send-rtcp-mux”            gboolean

Send RTCP muxed with on the same RTP connection.

Flags: Read / Write

Default value: FALSE