for version 0.2.8. The latest version of this documentation can be found on-line at / These plugins are to be used with the base classes and other utility objects and functions described in the Farstream Reference Manual.

I. Plugins implementing FsConference
RTP Plugin
FsRtpConference — Farstream RTP Conference Gstreamer Elements
FsRtpParticipant — A RTP participant in a FsRtpConference
FsRtpSession — A RTP session in a FsRtpConference
FsRtpStream — A RTP stream in a FsRtpSession in a FsRtpConference
Raw Plugin
FsRawConference — Farstream Raw Conference Gstreamer Elements Base class
FsRawParticipant — A Raw participant in a FsRawConference
FsRawSession — A Raw session in a FsRawConference
FsRawStream — A raw stream in a FsRawSession in a FsRawConference
MSN Webcam plugin
FsMsnCamSendConference — Farstream MSN send Conference Gstreamer Element
FsMsnCamCamRecvConference — Farstream MSN Receive Conference Gstreamer Element
FsMsnConference — Farstream MSN Conference Gstreamer Elements Base class
FsMsnParticipant — A MSN participant in a FsMsnConference
FsMsnSession — A MSN session in a FsMsnConference
FsMsnStream — A MSN stream in a FsMsnSession in a FsMsnConference
II. Transmitters
FsRawUdpStreamTransmitter — A stream transmitter object for UDP with STUN
FsMulticastStreamTransmitter — A stream transmitter object for Multicast UDP
FsNiceStreamTransmitter — A stream transmitter object for ICE using libnice
FsShmStreamTransmitter — A stream transmitter object for Shared Memory
III. Utility elements
FsVideoanyrate — Removes the framerate from video caps
FsRTPXdataPay — Packetize Microsoft Lync x-data streams into RTP packets
FsRTPXdataDepay — Extracts data from Microsoft Lync RTP x-data packets