uchardet is an encoding detector library, which takes a sequence of bytes in an unknown character encoding without any additional information, and attempts to determine the encoding of the text. Returned encoding names are iconv-compatible.

uchardet started as a C language binding of the original C++ implementation of the universal charset detection library by Mozilla. It can now detect more charsets, and more reliably than the original implementation.

The original code of universalchardet is available at http://lxr.mozilla.org/seamonkey/source/extensions/universalchardet/

Techniques used by universalchardet are described at http://www.mozilla.org/projects/intl/UniversalCharsetDetection.html

Report bugs and contribute patches at (check opened bugs first): https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=uchardet

Last release: uchardet version 0.0.6 (release note, git repository for dev code)

Supported Languages/Encodings

  • International (Unicode)
    • UTF-8
    • UTF-16BE / UTF-16LE
    • UTF-32BE / UTF-32LE / X-ISO-10646-UCS-4-34121 / X-ISO-10646-UCS-4-21431
  • Arabic
    • ISO-8859-6
    • WINDOWS-1256
  • Bulgarian
    • ISO-8859-5
    • WINDOWS-1251
  • Chinese
    • ISO-2022-CN
    • BIG5
    • EUC-TW
    • GB18030
    • HZ-GB-2312
  • Danish
    • ISO-8859-1
    • ISO-8859-15
    • WINDOWS-1252
  • English
    • ASCII
  • Esperanto
    • ISO-8859-3
  • French
    • ISO-8859-1
    • ISO-8859-15
    • WINDOWS-1252
  • German
    • ISO-8859-1
    • WINDOWS-1252
  • Greek
    • ISO-8859-7
    • WINDOWS-1253
  • Hebrew
    • ISO-8859-8
    • WINDOWS-1255
  • Hungarian:
    • ISO-8859-2
    • WINDOWS-1250
  • Japanese
    • ISO-2022-JP
    • EUC-JP
  • Korean
    • ISO-2022-KR
    • EUC-KR
  • Russian
    • ISO-8859-5
    • KOI8-R
    • WINDOWS-1251
    • IBM866
    • IBM855
  • Spanish
    • ISO-8859-1
    • ISO-8859-15
    • WINDOWS-1252
  • Thai
    • TIS-620
    • ISO-8859-11
  • Turkish:
    • ISO-8859-3
    • ISO-8859-9
  • Vietnamese:
    • VISCII
    • Windows-1258
  • Others
    • WINDOWS-1252



apt-get install uchardet libuchardet-dev


urpmi libuchardet libuchardet-devel


dnf install uchardet uchardet-devel


emerge uchardet


brew install uchardet

Build from source

Releases are available from: https://www.freedesktop.org/software/uchardet/releases/

If you prefer a development version, clone the git repository:

git clone git://anongit.freedesktop.org/uchardet/uchardet

The source can be browsed at: https://cgit.freedesktop.org/uchardet/uchardet/

cmake .
make install

Build with flatpak-builder

Here is a working "module" section to include in your Flatpak's json manifest:

"modules": [
        "name": "uchardet",
        "buildsystem": "cmake",
        "builddir": true,
        "config-opts": [ "-DCMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR=lib" ],
        "sources": [


Command Line

uchardet Command Line Tool Version 0.0.5
Authors: BYVoid, Jehan
Bug Report: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=uchardet

Usage: uchardet [Options] [File]...

 -v, --version Print version and build information.
 -h, --help Print this help.


See uchardet.h

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See the file COPYING for the complete text of these 3 licenses.

Code of Conduct

The uchardet project is hosted by freedesktop.org and as such follows its code of conduct. In other words, it means we will treat anyone with respect and expect anyone to do the same.

Please read freedesktop.org Code of Conduct.

In case of any problem regarding abusive behavior in uchardet project, please contact the maintainer (Jehan) or create a bug report (possibly private if needed).