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The upektc driver supports devices based on the UPEK TouchChip chipset and EikonTouch 300.

upektc is part of libfprint and was developed by Jan-Michael Brummer.

Supported Devices

This driver supports the device found in the Samsung P35 laptop, also it supports standalone UPEK EikonTouch 300 device.

This driver does not support the UPEK Touch``Strip found in a lot of other laptops. Such hardware is supported by the upekts driver instead.

Driver history

This driver is an adaption of the code found in Jan-Michael Brummer's UPEK TouchChip driver project. These efforts were based on bus traffic analysis from the UPEK Windows driver. Eikon``Touch 300 support was based on patch from Moganeshwaran Rajasegaran

Device operation

This is an imaging device that returns greyscale images with 208x288 pixels.

Security notes

Fingerprint image data is sent unencrypted over the USB bus.

Other capabilities

This hardware has the capability to store fingerprints on the device. libfprint/upektc does not currently offer access to this functionality, but this will change in future. LEDs present in Eikon``Touch 300 are not supported