libfprint is an open source software library designed to make it easy for application developers to add support for consumer fingerprint readers to their software.


  • Written in C
  • Licensed as LGPL-2.1
  • Depends on libusb for USB communication and glib
  • Primarily developed for linux, but should be fairly portable
  • Offers a single API to application developers to access the entire range of supported devices
  • Supports imaging - downloading live fingerprint scans from the device
  • Includes image processing/matching code
  • Supports enrollment/verification - enrolling a print from a known user, and then later comparing a live scan to the enrolled print

Driver Info

These drivers are included within libfprint, the corresponding pages are for information only.

The user-experience quality of these drivers is noted at /Driver quality.

API documentation

API documentation can be found here:

It is updated from the source code periodically. To generate your own documentation from the sources, install doxygen then, from a libfprint source tree:

cd doc
make docs

Documentation is then available under the html subdirectory.


libfprint is developed using the git version control system. The git user manual is very useful for new users.

  • git://
  • View online

Discussions about features, or questions should happen on the mailing list


Bug reports and (git formatted) patches should go to the FreeDesktop bugzilla.

See the HACKING file for some information on the code and its design, and TODO for some items that remain to be completed.