This page is to coordinate the cross-distribution devroom at FOSDEM 2010. For more information, see

Proposed talks

This list contains each and every talk proposal made on the list, just so that we don't lose track of them.

Note that some of these were "what about..." type proposals that weren't very much fleshed out; others were by people who are not related to any distribution and may therefore be somewhat out of scope for the devroom. I could have excluded both of these groups, but that would have left us with little if any proposals, and I didn't want to be the judge just yet.

Note that the deadline for talk submissions was January 5th; i.e., talks should be submitted no later than the 4th. This deadline has now passed.

  • Gabor Szabo: packaging perl and CPAN modules. mail.
  • Jeff Johnson: Transactionally Protected Package Management. mail.
  • Vincent Untz: Working with GNOME upstream. mail.
  • John Thomson: Transactional Roll-backs and Upgrades. mail/link.
  • Dominique Dumont: Config::Model and configuration upgrades during package upgrade. mail, second mail.
  • Nicolas Pierron: the configuration system of NixOS. mail.
  • Guillaume Rousse: the youri project. mail.
  • Anne NICOLAS: translations of package descriptions. mail.
  • Ralf Treinen and Stefano Zacchiroli: Cross-distro dependency resolution. mail.
  • Max Spevack: Fedora Governance mail.
  • Sandro Mathys and Marcus Moeller : Spacewalk mail.
  • Ralph Angenendt : Infrastructure Management mail
  • Ralph Angenendt : Mirror Management mail
  • Thomas Koch: Packaging with topgit mail
  • Sune Vuorela: Shared libraries in Debian mail
  • Thomas Canniot and Armel Kermorvant: Fedora-fr and upstream French communities mail
  • Petteri Räty: Distribution HR management mail
  • Petteri Räty: How to be a good upstream mail
  • Wouter Verhelst: Debian Secrets: power tools for power users. mail
  • Adrian Schröter: Cross-distro packaging experience with the openSUSE Buildservice mail
  • Christopher Hofmann: Distribution Image building with KIWI mail
  • Klaas Freitag: Hermes message dispatching mail
  • Stephan Kulow: Clicfs as perfect live cd file system mail
  • NN: SUSE Studio mail
  • NN: ?MirrorBrain mail
  • Dave Neary: The Maemo Community Council: a case-study in governance. mail
  • Bruno Cornec: Continuous Packaging with mail
  • Peter Eisentraut: Linux distribution for the cloud. mail
  • Pavol Rusnak: RPM packaging collaboration. mail
  • Harald Hoyer: Dracut - a generic, modular initramfs generation tool. mail


General coordinator is Wouter Verhelst <>

Coordinators for individual distributions are: