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This is a collaboration space for distributions to share ideas and discuss common issues.


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Right now, there's only a little content in this wiki. So we can link it all to the front page. As we generate more content, we'll have to organize things better.

  • ConflictingFiles is a page to coordinate distribution renames of files upstream provides. These renames are caused because the file exists in more than one package at a time. Coordinating these renames reduces end-user confusion by making the renames the same across distributions where possible.
  • ContactingPackagers documents ways to contact specific packagers in other distributions.
  • WhyUpstream documents why we should encourage all our packagers to upstream their changes.
  • DistributionLocations where to find BTSs, VCSs, patches amongst other things.
  • Meetings lists cross-distro meetings, and links to their conclusions.


  • AppStream: cross-distro umbrella project for a great user experience when finding and installing applications

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