List topics for Agenda

Quote of the conference: Garrett: "Nobody in this room is normal." (not even Garrett)


  • software center (mvo)
  • debtags (enrico)
  • packagekit (hughsie)
  • ocs (frank)
  • sophie (olivier) Define application

30 minutes. We shouldn't have any "?" left at the end :-)

  • "an application is a .desktop file" ?
  • Applications have to appear in the application menu?
  • Add extra fields to the upstream desktop files? UseInAppStore=true AppStoreGroups=Games,System,etc AppId=1123457 <- or is the desktop filename the appid? sometimes it is not (MozillaFirefox.desktop vs firefox.desktop) A unique ID (or name, easier to remember) included in the .desktop file is more sure.
  • Can ship .desktop files for stuff that isn't really a GUI program for something to be included in the appstore -- e.g. emacs, mutt, lynx..., but of course, not show it in the application menu (eg. OnlyShowIn=AppStore)
  • Still, it would be interesting to have the same metadata for eg apache, mysql, postgresql... than for other "applications" (comments, ratings, translations...). Does it mean they need .desktop files ?
  • we strongly agreed on the fact that size of the dependencies should be counted to the size of the application (even when the deps are shared among more applications)
  • We agreed that when the original application is removed, the deps installed with the application should be removed if no other application requires it
  • if there is a dekstop file that shouldn't be displayed we add SoftwareFooIgnore=True (NotShowIn=AppStore)
  • if there is a desktop file that should be there but is missing, we need to add it
  • plugins installation/deinstallation should be accessed relative to the software they are related to Agreed, but don't they sometime enhance several applications ? (maybe not a problem) -- desktop file extension AppStoreRelatesTo=firefox Bretzn presentation (Frank)

  • Looks promising, but QA process - updates-testing first, then updates? Installing multiple versions of same app

  • using Klik?

  • enable fast & easy testing of new version of an app (or something that had no QA)
  • web developers can have firefox 2/3/4
  • the install is local to the user, so doesn't affect the system. Trivial to "revert".
  • But the new version could alter your configuration or data, there's no coming back then