Definitions: target user, what's an application, etc. [vuntz,hughsie,prusnak,mls,Samuel]

  • Bash? Firefox? Apache? MySQL?
  • Use .desktop file as app id? Quick showcase [enrico, vuntz,frank,hughsie,ffesti,Samuel?,Nanar,mvo]


  • What metadata [frank, Samuel,hughsie, mvo]
    • Grouping apps (Games, Action Games, etc.) [enrico,hughsie,mvo, prusnak, Samuel,david,ffesti]
    • Delta metadata?
  • How to access (API/format) [enrico,frank,hughsie,mvo,misc,mls,Samuel,prusnak,david,Nanar,ffesti]
  • Where (server? local?) [enrico,frank,hughsie,mvo,misc,mls,Samuel,prusnak,david,ffesti]
  • Relating apps and their add-ons (Recommends/Suggests/addons) [wstephenson,hughsie]
  • How do we identify uniquely an application. From what information ? Do we need to define a unique identifier ? Where, who ?
  • Moderation [hughsie,mvo,wstephenson] Localization [vuntz,mvo(?),misc,Samuel,david,hughsie]

  • of metadata * Find & install apps* [vuntz,hughsie,mvo,prusnak,mls,david,ffesti,Samuel?]

  • UI [enrico,hughsie,mvo,prusnak,ffesti]

  • Suggests [enrico,frank,hughsie,mvo,prusnak,david,ffesti]
  • Addons (think browser or app plugins) [mvo,prusnak,Samuel]
  • Grouping of packages as one application [Samuel,prusnak,Nanar,ffesti] => based on dependancies (strong or weak dependencies), with a special treatment for localization packages. UI to display installed apps [enrico,hughsie,mvo(?),ffestiy]

UI for updates [vuntz,hughsie,mvo,mls,wstephenson]

Use cases? Target users? Anti-users?

Restrictions [enrico,misc,Nanar]