org.freedesktop.GeoClue2.Manager — The GeoClue service manager


GetClient    (OUT o client);
CreateClient (OUT o client);
DeleteClient (IN  o client);
AddAgent     (IN  s id);


InUse                   readable   b
AvailableAccuracyLevel  readable   u


This is the interface you use to talk to main GeoClue2 manager object at path "/org/freedesktop/GeoClue2/Manager". The only thing you do with this interface is to call GetClient() or CreateClient() on it to get your application specific client object(s).

Method Details

The GetClient() method

GetClient (OUT o client);

Retrieves a client object which can only be used by the calling application only. On the first call from a specific D-Bus peer, this method will create the client object but subsequent calls will return the path of the existing client.

OUT o client:

The path for the client object

The CreateClient() method

CreateClient (OUT o client);

Creates and retrieves a client object which can only be used by the calling application only. Unlike GetClient(), thid method always creates a new client.

OUT o client:

The path for the newly created client object

The DeleteClient() method

DeleteClient (IN  o client);

Use this method to explicitly destroy a client, created using GetClient() or CreateClient().

Long-running applications, should either use this to delete associated client(s) when not needed, or disconnect from the D-Bus connection used for communicating with Geoclue (which is implicit on client process termination).

IN o client:

The path of the client object to delete

The AddAgent() method

AddAgent (IN  s id);

An API for user authorization agents to register themselves. Each agent is responsible for the user it is running as. Application developers can and should simply ignore this API.

IN s id:

The Desktop ID (excluding .desktop) of the agent

Property Details

The "InUse" property

InUse  readable   b

Whether service is currently is use by any application.

The "AvailableAccuracyLevel" property

AvailableAccuracyLevel  readable   u

The level of available accuracy, as GClueAccuracyLevel.