org.freedesktop.GeoClue2.Location — The Location interface


Latitude     readable   d
Longitude    readable   d
Accuracy     readable   d
Altitude     readable   d
Speed        readable   d
Heading      readable   d
Description  readable   s
Timestamp    readable   (tt)


This is the interface you use on location objects.

Property Details

The "Latitude" property

Latitude  readable   d

The latitude of the location, in degrees.

The "Longitude" property

Longitude  readable   d

The longitude of the location, in degrees.

The "Accuracy" property

Accuracy  readable   d

The accuracy of the location fix, in meters.

The "Altitude" property

Altitude  readable   d

The altitude of the location fix, in meters. When unknown, its set to minimum double value, -1.7976931348623157e+308.

The "Speed" property

Speed  readable   d

The speed in meters per second. When unknown, it's set to -1.0.

The "Heading" property

Heading  readable   d

The heading direction in degrees with respect to North direction, in clockwise order. That means North becomes 0 degree, East: 90 degrees, South: 180 degrees, West: 270 degrees and so on. When unknown, it's set to -1.0.

The "Description" property

Description  readable   s

A human-readable description of the location, if available.

WARNING: Applications should not rely on this property since not all sources provide a description. If you really need a description (or more details) about current location, use a reverse-geocoding API, e.g geocode-glib.

The "Timestamp" property

Timestamp  readable   (tt)

The timestamp when the location was determined, in seconds and microseconds since the Epoch. This is the time of measurement if the backend provided that information, otherwise the time when GeoClue received the new location.

Note that GeoClue can't guarantee that the timestamp will always monotonically increase, as a backend may not respect that. Also note that a timestamp can be very old, e.g. because of a cached location.