FsBaseConference — Base class for Farsight Conference Gstreamer Elements


#include <gst/farsight/fs-base-conference.h>

struct              FsBaseConference;
struct              FsBaseConferenceClass;

Object Hierarchy


Implemented Interfaces

FsBaseConference implements GstChildProxy, GstImplementsInterface and FsConference.


This base class must be subclassed by all Farsight Conference elements. It makes sure to agreggate the errors and maintain the lifecycles of the instances in the API.


struct FsBaseConference

struct FsBaseConference;

The FsBaseConference structure, all the members are private

struct FsBaseConferenceClass

struct FsBaseConferenceClass {
  GstBinClass parent_class;

  /* virtual methods */
  FsSession *(*new_session) (FsBaseConference *conference,
                             FsMediaType media_type,
                             GError **error);
  FsParticipant *(*new_participant) (FsBaseConference *conference,
      const gchar *cname,
      GError **error);

The class structure of FsBaseConference. Derived classes should override all members.

GstBinClass parent_class;

Our parent

new_session ()

allocates a new FsSession for this conference

new_participant ()

Creates a new FsParticipant of the type required for this conference