Richard Hughes


for PackageKit 1.1.7

I. PackageKit Specification
Annotation Glossary
PackageKit Introduction
Overall Description
Important Concepts
Package ID
Removing installed versions in search results
Filter examples
Error Enums
Group type
Transaction example: Success
Transaction example: Failure
Transaction example: Trusted
Transaction example: Auto Untrusted
Transaction example: Package signature install
Transaction example: Download
Transaction example: Setting the locale
Transaction example: Repair
Transaction IDs
Status Values
Compiled Backends
Spawned Backends
II. D-Bus API Reference
org.freedesktop.PackageKit — PackageKit interface
org.freedesktop.PackageKit.Transaction — Transaction interface
III. libpackagekit GObjects
PkCategory — Category object
PkClient — For creating new transactions
PkControl — For querying data about PackageKit
PkDetails — Details object
PkDistroUpgrade — DistroUpgrade object
PkError — ErrorCode object
PkEulaRequired — EulaRequired object
PkFiles — Files object
PkMediaChangeRequired — MediaChangeRequired object
PkPackageSack — A sack of packages that can be manipulated
PkPackage — Package object
PkProgress — Transaction progress information
PkRepoDetail — RepoDetail object
PkRepoSignatureRequired — RepoSignatureRequired object
PkRequireRestart — RequireRestart object
PkResults — Transaction results
PkTask — An abstract package task GObject, dealing with unsigned transactions, GPG keys and EULA requests.
PkTransactionPast — TransactionPast object
PkUpdateDetail — UpdateDetail object
IV. libpackagekit glib helpers
pk-bitfield — Functions for converting strings to enum and vice-versa
pk-common — Common utility functions for PackageKit
pk-enum — Functions for converting strings to enum and vice-versa
pk-package-ids — Functionality to modify multiple PackageIDs
pk-package-id — Functionality to read a PackageID