Status Values

A transaction will have different status values as it it queued, prepared and executed. The ::StatusChanged signal from PkClient allow you to design user interfaces that tell the user what is happening with the transaction.

A typical transaction will have the following states:

If the transaction is waiting for other jobs to finish (in the active queue) then the status will be stuck at PK_STATUS_ENUM_WAIT and the UI should show a message to this effect.

If the transaction is waiting for a package lock (when a legacy tool like pirut is loaded and has the hif lock) then the transaction will be stuck at PK_STATUS_ENUM_WAITING_FOR_LOCK.

As a backend writer, you do not have to set PK_STATUS_ENUM_RUNNING manually, as this will be set for you if you set any other value such as PK_STATUS_ENUM_DOWNLOADING or PK_STATUS_ENUM_INFO. However, you will need to avoid setting any status values until a package lock is available and the transaction has started.