org.freedesktop.ModemManager1.Modem.Voice — The ModemManager Voice interface.


ListCalls  (OUT ao    result);
DeleteCall (IN  o     path);
CreateCall (IN  a{sv} properties,
            OUT o     path);


CallAdded   (o path);
CallDeleted (o path);


Calls  readable   ao


The Voice interface handles Calls.

This interface will only be available once the modem is ready to be registered in the cellular network. 3GPP devices will require a valid unlocked SIM card before any of the features in the interface can be used.

Method Details

The ListCalls() method

ListCalls (OUT ao result);

Retrieve all Calls.

This method should only be used once and subsequent information retrieved either by listening for the org.freedesktop.ModemManager1.Modem.Voice::Added signal, or by querying the specific Call object of interest.

OUT ao result:

The list of call object paths.

The DeleteCall() method

DeleteCall (IN  o path);

Delete a Call from the list of calls.

The call will be hangup if it is still active.

IN o path:

The object path of the Call to delete.

The CreateCall() method

CreateCall (IN  a{sv} properties,
            OUT o     path);

Creates a new call object.

The 'Number' is mandatory

IN a{sv} properties:

Call properties from the Call D-Bus interface.

OUT o path:

The object path of the new call object.

Signal Details

The "CallAdded" signal

CallAdded (o path);

Emitted when any part of a Call has been received or added.

o path:

Object path of the new call.

The "CallDeleted" signal

CallDeleted (o path);

Emitted when a call has been deleted.

o path:

Object path of the now deleted Call.

Property Details

The "Calls" property

Calls  readable   ao

The list of calls object paths.