This is the planning page for the Text Layout Working Group's 2008 meeting (TLM 2008).

Venue and Date

There is discussion about having TLM 2008 in conjunction with the Libre Graphics Meeting in May, 2008 in Wrocław, Poland. (This venue is not yet confirmed).

Accomodations: TextLayout2008Accomodation Attendees: TextLayout2008Attendees

Draft Agenda

  • HarfBuzz: * Development state * Documenting HarfBuzz
  • HarfBuzz and Graphite Integration * Where are we? * What needs to be done? Presentations

     * New Font Tools: 
              * Spiro 
              * Font Industry 
              * New Features in Fontforge 
              * Compedium of 3rd-party Perl / Python / etc. scripts and tools for font creation 

    To Do List

  • Funding discussions with LF

  • Room discussions with LGM - assuming LGM is venue
  • Have adequate video equipment set up and tested before meeting begins this year. * Consider publication of videos on ?YouTube. This could be done essentially immediately after a morning or afternoon session if we had a "?YouTube Ready" kind of camera.