Desktop Couch documentation

What do you plan to use desktopcouch for?

My applications use desktopcouch, and I want to understand more about it and look at the data

  • Installing desktopcouch - how to install desktopcouch
  • Viewing my data in desktopcouch - how to see your data in desktopcouch, and how to work with it and delete or change it
  • Summary of desktopcouch - an IRC lecture given as part of Ubuntu Developer Week, which summarises desktopcouch and its goals and some usage tips. This is quite technical in places, and you can ignore all the parts about how to develop with desktopcouch, but it provides a summary of what desktopcouch is.
  • Troubleshooting: if desktopcouch seems to not be working, here are some things you can try.

I am a developer, and I want the applications I write to store data in and work with desktopcouch

I am a developer, and I want to hack on the desktopcouch code or one of the desktopcouch APIs like couchdb-glib

I am a developer, and I want to port desktopcouch to a new distro, operating system, or device