X Applications hosted at Freedesktop.org

                 * fdclock - the Freedesktop clock (uses cairo) 
                 * transset - manipulate the _NET_WM_WINDOW_OPACITY property 
                 * uncover - demonstrates transformed windows with Composite 
                 * wininfo - a window information utility for X 
                 * xclock - regular xclock app with Render support 
                 * xcompmgr - Sample X Compositing Manager 
                 * xdamage - Test application for Damage extension 
                 * xditview - What the heck is this doing here? 
                 * xdpyinfo - X Display Information 
                 * xev - print contents of X events 
                 * xrandr - X Resize and Rotate command line app 
                 * xrestop - 'top' for X resources 

Available Releases

Tarballs are in here.

Available Test Packages

                 * Available from <a href="http://freedesktop.org/~markh/xapps/">http://freedesktop.org/~markh/xapps/</a> (broken link) 
                 * Currently available are test autotooled tarballs for **xkbprogs** and **xtutilities**. 

CVS Availability

Please note that the CVS versions of the modular xapps are deprecated. Instead, we have moved to using git.

NOTE: This only applies to the modular xapps, the actual development trees of the applications listed at the top of this page still use CVS.

GIT Availability

To obtain a copy of the git tree for these xapps, use the following:

git clone git://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/app/PROJECT

PROJECT should be one of the following

                 * `fdclock` 
                 * `xwininfo` 
                 * `xclock` 
                 * `xcompmgr` 
                 * etc.. 

See http://gitweb.freedesktop.org/ for all the available git repositories.


                 * <a href="../ProposedAppsPackages/">Proposed package breakdown for sanity's sake</a>. 
                 * <a href="../ProposedXAppsCVSStructure/">Proposed xapps CVS structure</a> to make merging with xorg easy 

-- Main.AdamJackson - 13 Oct 2004