The udisks project provides:

  • a daemon, udisksd, that implements well-defined D-Bus interfaces that can be used to query and manipulate storage devices.
  • a command-line tool, udisksctl, that can be used to query and use the daemon The actions that a user can perform using udisks are restricted using polkit.


The latest version can be downloaded from https://github.com/storaged-project/udisks/releases. Older versions are available at http://udisks.freedesktop.org/releases/.


There is online documentation available, which documents the D-Bus API and the command-line tools provided by udisks.


When filing bugs against udisks, please include

  • the output of 'udisksctl dump'
  • the output of 'udevadm info --export-db' (as root)
  • the output of 'cat /proc/self/mountinfo'
  • the output of 'cat /etc/fstab'
  • the version of udisks, gvfs and libatasmart

    • On Fedora/RHEL this is the output of 'rpm -q udisks2 gvfs libatasmart' If the bugs is related to the GNOME desktop please also include
  • the output of 'gvfs-mount -li' captured from the desktop session as the user (not root) If the bug happens when plugging in a device or activating a device also include

  • the output of 'udisksctl monitor'

  • the output of 'gvfs-mount -oi' captured from the desktop session as the user (not root)
  • the output of 'udevadm monitor --udev --property' (as root) while plugging in or activating the device.

If the bug is related to ATA SMART include (replace /dev/sda with the device for the disk in question)

  • the output of 'skdump /dev/sda' (as root)
  • the binary file skdump-output obtained via 'skdump --save=skdump-output /dev/sda' (as root)


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