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If you don't know what SCIM is, please read the introduction.

What's New

You can find the news of SCIM and related projects on the news page.

Support Language List

You can find what language support and some more info from SCIM on the supported language list.

Mailing List

All discussion about SCIM is currently on

Please send your questions, bug reports, suggestions or ideas to this list. If you are sending questions or bug reports, please read these guidelines.

Bugs Tracking System

You can report bugs at SF's bug tracking system. Please select appropriate category (component) and group (version), and supply as much information as possible. If you are not sure which component the bug you encounter belongs to, just select the default "none". In addition, please follow these guidelines.


You can download SCIM source and binary packages from download page. If you want to try out the latest SCIM code, please see the SCIM's CVS page. You can also browse the source code online.

The modulename_ can be scim-lib, scim-tables, scim-chinese, scim-uim, scim-m17n or skim.

Screen Shots

Some screenshots of of SCIM.


If you want to install SCIM from source code, you may read the install page.


Roadmap (future plan) for SCIM can be found here.

Start using SCIM

                 * <a href="">SCIM User's Manual in Simplified Chinese</a> 
                 * <a href="">Linux Internationalization HOWTO</a> - mainly about input method (written by David Oftedal) 
                 * <a href="">Internationalization in Mandrakelinux 10.1</a> - a mini guide of SCIM and UIM (by Yukiko BANDO) 
                 * <a href="">SCIM/skim German manual for SuSE Linux 9.1</a> - Chinese under !SuSE Linux 9.1 with skim (by Jan Hefti) 

Developer documents

                 * <a href="">API Reference</a> (Generated by Doxygen) 

Sub Projects

                 * <a href="../ScimKDE/">skim</a> - An input method based on SCIM library and KDE/QT. 
                 * <span class="createlink"><a href="//;from=Software%2Fscim&amp;page=Software%2FScimChinese" rel="nofollow">?</a>scim-chinese</span> - Currently contains a Smart Pinyin IMEngine for Simplified Chinese. 
                 * <span class="createlink"><a href="//;from=Software%2Fscim&amp;page=Software%2FScimTables" rel="nofollow">?</a>scim-tables</span> - Contains many table based input methods. 
                 * <span class="createlink"><a href="//;from=Software%2Fscim&amp;page=Software%2FScimUim" rel="nofollow">?</a>scim-uim</span> - A wrapper to use uim as an IMEngine of SCIM. 
                 * <span class="createlink"><a href="//;from=Software%2Fscim&amp;page=Software%2FScimM17N" rel="nofollow">?</a>scim-m17n</span> - A wrapper to use m17n library as an IMEngine of SCIM. 
                 * <a href="../ScimQtImm/">scim-qtimm</a> - Qt-immodule support for scim. 
                 * <a href="../ScimHangul/">scim-hangul</a> - A Hangul !IMEngine which is ported from imhangul project. 
                 * <span class="createlink"><a href="//;from=Software%2Fscim&amp;page=Software%2FScimPython" rel="nofollow">?</a>scim-python</span> - A python language binding for SCIM. 

Ideas for SCIM

Please write down here what you want to see in a future version of SCIM on the ideas page. Any idea to improve usability or just give it a nice look and feel?

Howto Contribute

We are always welcome and appreciate any contributes, including but not limited to bug fix patch, art design (including logo, icons etc) and translation. If you would like to give a hand, please say so in our mailing list. Following, you would find some guidelines for contribution.

                 * <a href="../ScimHowtoTranslate/">How to Translate SCIM to My Language?</a> 
                 * <a href="../ScimSupportLanguageNewM17n/">How to create a new IME on Linux in about 15 minutes with SCIM and m17n?</a> 
                 * <a href="../ScimSupportLanguageNewTable/">How to create a new IME in about 15 minutes with SCIM and scim-tables?</a> 

Some links about SCIM or releted projects/articles.

Developers and contributors

                 * <span class="createlink"><a href="//;from=Software%2Fscim&amp;page=JamesSu" rel="nofollow">?</a>JamesSu</span>: Core developer, project maintainer 
                 * <span class="createlink"><a href="//;from=Software%2Fscim&amp;page=JanHefti" rel="nofollow">?</a>JanHefti</span>: Doc writer and German translator 
                 * <span class="createlink"><a href="//;from=Software%2Fscim&amp;page=KitaeKim" rel="nofollow">?</a>KitaeKim</span>: Art designer and Korean translator 
                 * <span class="createlink"><a href="//;from=Software%2Fscim&amp;page=LiuCougar" rel="nofollow">?</a>LiuCougar</span>: Developer focused on KDE/Qt related support 
                 * <span class="createlink"><a href="//;from=Software%2Fscim&amp;page=YukikoBando" rel="nofollow">?</a>YukikoBando</span>: Japanese translator 

-- ?LiuCougar - 11 Oct 2004