papyon is an MSN library purely written in Python. It is the library behind the Telepathy MSN connection manager, telepathy-butterfly. papyon is a fork of the unmaintained pymsn MSN library. The GLib mainloop is used to process the network events in an asynchronous manner.

Get papyon

Papyon releases are here:


Here is a quick features list :

  • MSNP15
  • Best MSNP2P implementation : avatars and custom emoticons
  • Yahoo messenger contacts support : chat and presence
  • Live Address Book support : full contact and group management
  • Server side contacts aliasing
  • Offline messages support
  • MSN Spaces
  • Content Roaming support : avatar, display name and personal message storage
  • Full support for HTTP and HTTPS proxies
  • Support HTTP Polling transport
  • No threads, fully asynchronous
  • Caching system (only used for storing the SSO tickets for now, but will be used to support deltas in the ?AddressBook later)
  • Very solid and extensible architecture
  • Solid networking through a new sublibrary : gnet


papyon depends on:

  • python >= 2.5
  • python gobject >= 2.10.1
  • ElementTree >= 1.2.0 or cElementTree >= 1.0.5 or python >= 2.5
  • pyOpenSSL >= 0.6
  • gst-python >= 0.10
  • python-farsight
  • pyCrypto >= 2.0.0

Try it

to give papyon a try, run the python code, this will connect to the MSN IM service, and try to fetch the first online contact's display picture:

  • python

Report bugs

To report bugs, use the bugzilla here.

Help out

The things that are still to be done in papyon can be found in the ?TODO page.



OverflowError: long too big to convert

If you get something like that:

  • Overflow Error: long too big to convert (while registering property 'bytes-transferred' for GType 'papyon+msnp2p+P2PMessage') you probably would need to update your python gobject binding. This is a known bug of python gobject that was fixed in python gobject 2.10.1.


You can contact developers using IRC: #papyon on

Mailing lists

There are two mailing lists:

  • papyon for general discussion about papyon;
  • papyon-bugs where bugzilla will automatically send bugmail to.