OpenWFD - Open Source WiFi-Display Implementation


  • OpenWFD is an Open-Source implementation of the Wifi-Display standard (abbr. WFD). It is also commonly known as Miracast, the name of the WiFi-Alliance certification program.

  • Miracast is basically a wireless HDMI-cable. It defines a way to connect monitors to your devices via WiFi-Direct. Compared to other known streaming protocols, it provides mode-negotiation, real-time transmission, low-latency and more. It is not a replacement for DLNA! It does not provide any concept of music/video-files or starting/stopping media-playback. Instead, Miracast just replaces the HDMI-cable and thus provides a single video/audio-stream from a source to a sink in real-time. The main advantage of Miracast is the easy setup and the data-independence. Whenever you have a Miracast-enabled sink (like a TV), you can discover it via standard WiFi-Scanning, establish a connection and use it as a virtual monitor on your machine. Whether it's cloning your main display, used as desktop-extension or setup as independent screen is up to you!

  • OpenWFD is currently under heavy development. It is not ready to be used, yet. Stay tuned!

  • developer repository (David Herrmann)