This page contains notes, plan and other information relevant to Larisa's GSoC project for attaching Animations to Styles in Impress

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Project description

Currently there's not an easy way to give the same animation to all the elements of a certain style. Sometimes we just think that all our important titles, besides the big bold Heading1 style, also deserve a big entrance with a swivel, a orange to pink colour change effect, and a boomerang exit. This project would allow for easier, more generic animation adding to our presentation parts.

Project plan

Make it possible to a user to attach the same animations to all objects of a certain style. Expand each style to contain an animation property and also make a UI to support this.

Bonding period

  • Analyze how styles are represented in OOo.
  • Analyze how the animations are represented in OOo.
  • Think of a way to bring them together :)

Before mid-term

  • Make an ?ItemProperty representing one animation style, but as an atomic property (for now).
  • For starters, make a default setting for that property and hardcode it to one of the styles.
  • Attach the appropriate UI for a user to be able to do this.
  • Experiment with nested styles.
  • Test, test, test.

After mid-term

Separate the ?AnimationItemProperty into more atomic properties describing one animations - to support assigning parts of an animations to objects when they get nested styles applied, and also more flexible animation assignment. I expect more things to pop up when I dive into the project a bit deeper.

About me

I'm a second year student at Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade, and also a 2010 GSoC student for OOo!


I'll try to post regular updates on my work on