Your Office Suite

ooo-build is a project focused on creating Better, Faster, and Freer Office Suite - Your Office Suite.


Getting the sources

ooo-build sources are stored in git. To get them, you can use:

git clone git://

If you want to learn more, please see the GettingIt pages.

Building it

Once the source has been checked out, ooo-build can be built in very nearly the usual manner:

cd ooo-build
./ --with-distro=DISTRO

where DISTRO is the basename of a file in the distro-configs directory, such as Debian, SUSE, or Ubuntu.

For more info please see the BuildingIt page.

Hacking it

Once your build finishes, it's time to do a developer installation, and start hacking:

make dev-install
# check that it works
cd build/install/program
source ooenv

See the HackingIt page to see how you can do it.

Debugging it

For some debugging tips, please see the DebuggingIt page.


Once you have done a change that you are happy with, and that builds with ooo-build, contribute it back, we'll be happy to integrate it! Do:

# commit your changes to your local repository
git commit -a
# create the patch
git format-patch origin/master

and send the resulting patch to the mailing list.

More information can be found on the Contributing page.

Google Summer of Code

ooo-build participates in the Google Summer of Code, please have a look at this year's ideas.


Meet the ooo-build developers - either on the mailing list, or on IRC, channel #go-oo or

If you are one of the ooo-build developers/maintainers - find out how to update the webpages, and similar stuff here.