Feature requests for libinput

Generally, we consider all feature requests for inclusion. To request a feature, please file a bug in the freedesktop bugzilla

Please note however that libinput is different to the X.Org stack with evdev, synaptics and the wacom driver. The design approach differs greatly and thus the features that are needed or required are different.

libinput is a lot more restricted in the configuration options that it provides to through it's API. For example, the synaptics driver has several options to avoid bad cursor movement (PalmDetect, AreaBottomEdge, etc. and syndaemon). libinput has none of those, it always does palm detection.

Other problems, solved by "abusing" certain options in the xorg stack are solved completely different in libinput. For example, high-resolution gaming mice in X are often dealt with by turning the acceleration off. In libinput, we use a mouse resolution database to scale the movement down and provide sensible acceleration values.

For every feature, we try to understand why it is necessary, in which use-cases and how it can best be resolved. So our request to you is: please don't file a bug report for "implement the evdev driver's option Foo" or "allow this option to be set to value X". Explain what you are doing, where you need it done and let's see what the best solution is.