This page contains the instructions for building the OpenGL and OpenVG Gallium Softpipe EGL/Linux reference drivers.

Optionally, you can download an entire virtual machine image with the entire EGL build and environment already installed. Instructions on how to download VMware's player and the Gallium3D Reference Image.

  1. Get latest Mesa3D repository. It's where Gallium3D is hosted right now.

    git clone git://
  2. Compile Mesa3D in a way that compiles Gallium3D and software driver.

    cd mesa
    export GALLIUM=$PWD
    make linux-x86-debug
  3. Compile OpenVG if you want to.

    cd src/gallium/state_trackers/vega
    cd $GALLIUM
  4. Make sure that from now on all apps pick up your newly compiled Gallium libs.

  5. Make sure Gallium's EGL implementation is using the software driver.

    export EGL_DRIVER="egl_softpipe"
  6. Play around with demos.

    cd progs/openvg/demos