Current Xorg CVS

See X.Org's CVS info page for access to current CVS.

Historical background and CVS process

The XOrg Foundation repository was initialized with X11R6.6 on the main branch.

There are two primary branches from the main branch. They are named XORG-STABLE and XORG-CURRENT, and are nicknamed -STABLE and -CURRENT respectively.

XFree86 has been imported on the vendor branch. The tree has been kept in sync with XFree86, through the release of their version 4.4 with the exception of changes to their files that contain their new version 1.1 license.

The vendor branch has been merged to -CURRENT. -CURRENT also contains many other bug fixes and enhancements beyond what is in XFree86 4.4. -CURRENT is currently known to build on the following platforms (in alphabetical order):

                 * AIX 5.2 (ppc) 
                 * FreeBSD 5.1R (x86) 
                 * Mac OS X 10.3 (ppc) 
                 * Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 3 
                 * Red Hat Fedora Core 1 
                 * SUSE Linux 9.0 (x86) 
                 * Solaris 9 (SPARC) 

Work is currently proceeding to ensure that it builds on other platforms as well.

When the community agrees, the -CURRENT branch is merged to the -STABLE branch.

Automated nightly builds of -CURRENT (and -STABLE once something interesting has been merged to it) occur and VSW5 is run against those builds.

Eventually -STABLE is merged to the main branch which may become the basis for a release. As you can see, lots of changes occur on branches, but there are fewer (by version number) changes on -STABLE, and the least number of changes by version number on the main branch.

-- Main.KalebKEITHLEY - 05 Mar 2004