Real keyboard models vs xkeyboard-config models

There are multiple models available in xkeyboard-config repository. But there are way more models in real life. This page is intended to be a reference on how to choose the model from the repository - for some real physical keyboard.

xkeyboard-config model Real model Manufacturer Has geometry description Comments
a4_rfkb23 A4Tech Wireless Desktop RFKB-23 A4Tech
a4techKB21 A4Tech KB-21 A4Tech
a4techKBS8 A4Tech KBS-8 A4Tech
abnt2 Brazilian ABNT2 ??? +
acer_c300 Acer C300 Acer
acer_ferrari4k Acer Ferrari 4000 Acer
acer_tm_800 Acer TravelMate 800 Acer
acpi ACPI Standard ???
airkey Acer AirKey V Acer
apple Apple Apple
apple_laptop Apple Laptop Apple
armada Laptopnotebook Compaq (eg. Armada) Laptop Keyboard Compaq
azonaRF2300 Azona RF2300 wireless Internet Keyboard Azona
benqx BenQ X-Touch BenQ All sorts of BenQ X-Touch keyboards (merged)
BenQ X-Touch 730 BenQ
BenQ X-Touch 800 BenQ
brother Brother Internet Keyboard Brother
btc5090 BTC 5090 BTC
btc5113rf BTC 5113RF Multimedia BTC
btc5126t BTC 5126T BTC
btc9000a BTC 9000A BTC
btc9000 BTC 9000 BTC
btc9001ah BTC 9001AH BTC
btc9019u BTC 9019U BTC
cherrybluea Cherry Blue Line CyBo@rd (alternate option) Cherry
cherryblueb Cherry CyMotion Master XPress Cherry
cherryblue Cherry Blue Line CyBo@rd Cherry
cherrycyboard Cherry CyBo@rd USB-Hub Cherry
chicony9885 Chicony KB-9885 Cherry
chicony Chicony Internet Keyboard Cherry
compaqeak8 Compaq Easy Access Keyboard Compaq
compaqik13 Compaq Internet Keyboard (13 keys) Compaq
compaqik18 Compaq Internet Keyboard (18 keys) Compaq
compaqik7 Compaq Internet Keyboard (7 keys) Compaq
cymotionlinux Cherry CyMotion Master Linux Cherry
dell101 Dell 101-key PC Dell +
dell Dell Dell
Dell SK-8125 Dell
Dell SK-8135 Dell
dellusbmm Dell USB Multimedia Keybard Dell
dexxa Dexxa Wireless Desktop Keyboard Dexxa
diamond Diamond 9801 9802 series Diamond
dinovo Logitech diNovo Keyboard Logitech
dtk2000 DTK2000 ???
emachines Laptopnotebook eMachines m68xx eMachines
ennyah_dkb1008 Ennyah DKB-1008 Ennyah
evdev Evdev-managed keyboard ???
everex Everex STEPnote Everex +
flexpro Keytronic FlexPro Keytronic +
geniuscomfy2 Genius Comfy KB-21e-Scroll Genius
geniuscomfy Genius Comfy KB-12e Genius
genius Genius Comfy KB-16M Genius MM Keyboard KWD-910 Genius
geniuskb19e Genius KB-19e NB Genius
gyration Gyration Gyration
hhk Happy Hacking Keyboard Fujitsu +
honeywell_euroboard Honeywell Euroboard Honeywell
hp2501 Hewlett-Packard SK-2501 Multimedia Keyboard HP
hp2505 Hewlett-Packard SK-2505 Internet Keyboard HP
hp5181 Hewlett-Packard 5181 Internet Keyboard HP
hp5185 Hewlett-Packard 5185 Internet Keyboard HP
Hewlett-Packard nx9020 HP
hp500fa Hewlett-Packard Omnibook 500 FA HP
hp5xx Hewlett-Packard Omnibook 5xx HP
hp6000 Hewlett-Packard Omnibook 60006100 HP +
hpi6 Hewlett-Packard Internet Keyboard HP
hpxe3gc Hewlett-Packard Omnibook XE3 GC HP
hpxe3gf Hewlett-Packard Omnibook XE3 GF HP
hpxt1000 Hewlett-Packard Omnibook XT1000 HP
hpzt11xx Hewlett-Packard Pavilion ZT11xx HP
inspiron Dell Laptopnotebook Inspiron 6xxx8xxx Dell
ipaq Compaq iPaq Keyboard Compaq
itouch Logitech iTouch Logitech
jp106 Japanese 106-key ??? +
kr106 Korean 106-key ??? +
latitude Dell Latitude series laptop Dell +
logitech_base Logitech Generic Keyboard Logitech
Logitech Cordless Desktop Logitech
Logitech Cordless Desktop iTouch Logitech
Logitech Cordless Desktop Navigator Logitech
Logitech Cordless Desktop Optical Logitech
Logitech Ultra-X Keyboard Logitech
logiaccess Logitech Access Keyboard Logitech
logicda Logitech Cordless Desktop (alternate option) Logitech
logicfn Logitech Cordless FreedomDesktop Navigator Logitech
logicink Logitech Internet Navigator Keyboard Logitech
logiex110 Logitech Cordless Desktop EX110 Logitech
Logitech Cordless Desktop LX-300 Logitech
Logitech Internet 350 Keyboard Logitech
Logitech Media Elite Keyboard Logitech
logink Logitech Internet Keyboard Logitech
logiinkse Logitech iTouch Internet Navigator Keyboard SE Logitech
logiinkseusb Logitech iTouch Internet Navigator Keyboard SE (USB) Logitech
logiitc Logitech iTouch Cordless Keyboard (model Y-RB6) Logitech
logitech_g15 Logitech G15 extra keys via G15daemon Logitech
ltcd Logitech Cordless Desktop Logitech What's the difference to logicd
macbook78 MacBook MacBook Pro Apple +
macbook79 MacBook MacBook Pro (Intl) Apple +
macintosh Macintosh Apple +(shared)
macintosh_old Macintosh Old Apple +(shared)
microsoftinet Microsoft Internet Keyboard Microsoft
microsoft Microsoft Natural Microsoft +(shared)
microsoftmult Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard 1.0A Microsoft
microsoftoffice Microsoft Office Keyboard Microsoft
microsoftpro Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro / Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro Microsoft +(shared)
microsoftprooem Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro OEM Microsoft
ViewSonic KU-306 Internet Keyboard ViewSonic
microsoftprose Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro, Swedish Microsoft +(shared)
microsoftprousb Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro USB / Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro Microsoft +(shared)
mx1998 Memorex MX1998 Memorex
mx2500 Memorex MX2500 EZ-Access Keyboard Memorex
mx2750 Memorex MX2750 Memorex
omnikey101 Northgate OmniKey 101 Northgate +
oretec Oretec MCK-800 MMInternet keyboard Oretec
pc101 Generic 101-key PC ??? +
pc102 Generic 102-key (Intl) PC ??? +
pc104 Generic 104-key PC ??? +
pc105 Generic 105-key (Intl) PC ??? +
pc98 PC-98xx Series ??? +
precision_m Dell Laptopnotebook Precision M series Dell
presario Laptopnotebook Compaq (eg. Presario) Internet Keyboard Compaq
propeller Propeller Voyager (KTEZ-1000) KeyTronic
qtronix QTronix Scorpius 98N+ QTronix
rapidaccess2a IBM Rapid Access II (alternate option) IBM
rapidaccess2 IBM Rapid Access II IBM
rapidaccess IBM Rapid Access IBM
samsung4500 Samsung SDM 4500P Samsung
samsung4510 Samsung SDM 4510P Samsung
scorpius Advance Scorpius KI QTronix
silvercrest SILVERCREST Multimedia Wireless Keyboard Silvercrest
sk1300 SK-1300 NEC
sk2500 SK-2500 NEC
sk6200 SK-6200 NEC
sk7100 SK-7100 NEC
sk8125 Dell SK-8125 USB Multimedia Keybard Dell
sk8135 Dell SK-8135 USB Multimedia Keybard Dell
sp_inet Super Power Multimedia Keyboard ???
sven SVEN Ergonomic 2500 Sven
symplon Symplon PaceBook (tablet PC) Symplon
thinkpad IBM ThinkPad 560Z600600EA22E IBM +
thinkpadintl IBM ThinkPad 560Z600600EA22E, Intl IBM
toshiba_s3000 Toshiba Satellite S3000 Toshiba
trustda Trust Direct Access Keyboard Trust
trust Trust Wireless Keyboard Classic Trust
winbook Winbook Model XP5 ??? +
yahoo Yahoo! Internet Keyboard Yahoo!