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Ports: OSX

This page is work in progress. I'm just writing down the steps I'm taking to make this work.


If you want to be at PA's bleeding edge, you need to have git installed. There's a resource for git for Mac OS X which even has a nice installer.

Mac Ports

PA depends on quite some libraries which need to be installed in order to make it build from the sources. Fortunately, Mac Ports provides all of them. Download and install it, following the instructions found on their side.

Once set up, you need at least to install the following packages:

sudo port install autoconf automake intltool libtool libsndfile speex-devel gdbm liboil json-c

Make sure you add the path to the binaries built by Mac Ports to your $PATH variable. This is usually /opt/local/bin. And since there are some binaries provided by Mac Ports that also ship with Mac OS X in older versions, make sure the Mac Ports path comes first in the list. Otherwise the build will break.


There are some variables that need to be set to make the build process look at the right places of your system.

export CC="gcc-4.2"
export CFLAGS="-I/opt/local/include"
export LDFLAGS="-L/opt/local/lib"

Then run

./autogen.sh                            \
        --disable-jack                  \
        --disable-hal                   \
        --disable-bluez                 \
        --disable-dbus                  \