Patch status

This page tracks the status of submitted patches that haven't been merged yet. The contents are updated at least once every two weeks, so very recently submitted patches may be missing. If something older is missing, please contact the maintainers (via the mailing list or IRC). This list is new and still not finished, Patchwork still has many patches that are not tracked here.

The patches have been ordered by priority, with the highest priority patches at the top. If your patch is low in the list, there's a real risk that it won't be reviewed at all, because patches are currently submitted at a higher rate than they are reviewed. This is a sad situation, and if you don't like it, please volunteer to become a reviewer!

Patches that have been reviewed and can be merged after the freeze ends

Patches that need to be prioritized

  • echo-cancel: preliminary support for WebRTC AEC3
    • Adds support for a newer WebRTC echo canceller version. It's mutually exclusive with the old version, the decision is done at build time.
    • The new version doesn't depend on libwebrtc-audio-processing, it depends on building upstream WebRTC as a static library.
    • The change is pretty big, but most of it is the new file, which is probably largely copy-pasted from the old file. The rest of the change is pretty straightforward build system stuff, so reviewing this shouldn't be too daunting.