Release Archive

Below, is a list of previous releases with changes they implement. The latest release can be found on the main page.

D-Bus 1.4.1. (2010-12-20)

See the 1.4.1 Release announcement for more information.

D-Bus 1.4.0. (2010-09-07)

See the 1.4.0 Release announcement for more information.

D-Bus 1.2.24. (2010-03-23)

See the 1.2.24 Release announcement for more information.

D-Bus 1.2.14. (2009-05-06) D-Bus (2009-05-06)

See the Release announcement for more information.

D-Bus 1.2.12. (2009-01-07) D-Bus (2009-01-07)

Release announcement

Changes in both 1.2.12 and

  • Bug 17969: Don't test for abstract sockets if explicitly disabled
  • Bug 18064: more efficient validation for fixed-size type arrays
  • Initialize AVC earlier so we can look up service security contexts
  • Print serial in dbus-monitor
  • Bug 15412: Add --address option to dbus-send
  • Bug 18446: Keep umask for session bus
  • Fix cross-compiling with autotools.
  • Some code cleanup and warning fixes; --maintainer-mode now uses -Werror by default Contributors to this release: Diego E. 'Flameeyes' Pettenò, Lawrence R. Steeger, Colin Walters, Matt ?McCutchen, Michael Meeks, Tor Lillqvist, Lionel Landwerlin, Jon Gosting, James Carter.

  • D-Bus 1.2.10. (2008-12-19)

  • D-Bus (2008-12-19) - Add system logging - System policy cleanup

This release allows signal emission by default.

Contributors: Colin Walters

  • D-Bus 1.2.6. (2008-12-05) Joachim Breitner discovered a mistake in the default configuration for the system bus (system.conf) which made the default policy for both sent and received messages was effectively allow, and not deny as stated.

This release fixes the send side permission, but does not change the receive. See the release announcement for more information.

Contributors to this release: Tomas Hoger, Joachim Breitner, Colin Walters. Bugs fixed in this release: Fix for CVE-2008-4311 Fix for CVE-2008-3834

A small number of compilation and portability fixes are included as well, for details see the git log.

  • D-Bus 1.0.2. stable release. (2006-12-12) Bugs fixed in this release: Fix security bug CVE-2006-6107 match rules can be removed by apps that did not create them pthread fix

  • D-Bus 1.1.4. development/unstable release. (2008-01-17)

    • This release is intended to be Release Candidate 2 of major release D-Bus 1.2.0. If nothing is found to be wrong with this release it will become 1.2.0 within a week. If we need to make major changes we will release an RC3 and start the process over.
    • Fixes inotify support
  • D-Bus 1.1.2 development/unstable release. (2007-07-27)
    • This release is intended to be a feature complete beta for stable release 1.2.0, please test it. 1.2.0 will follow pretty soon if no major problems are found. We'll do more betas if significant changes are made.
    • This is a development release, so API's may still change if problems are found (though we will try hard not to).
    • The system bus now supports starting services on demand. This uses a setuid helper program because system bus daemon runs as a nobody user, while services it launches may need to run as a different user. *Extra eyes auditing the setuid helper are encouraged and would be timely right now, before 1.2.0. *A design doc is available in doc/system-activation.txt
    • The TCP address format has been enhanced, such that TCP may be actually usable. The dbus-daemon man page describes the new elements in the address format. 1.1.1 had added an all_interfaces flag to the format, which has been removed in favor of a cleaner approach.
    • Some thread-related bugs have been fixed, these are important fixes if you are using multiple threads with libdbus, and not important otherwise.
  • D-Bus 1.1.1 development/unstable release. (2007-06-18)
  • D-Bus 1.1.0 development/unstable release. (2007-05-27)
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