D-Bus users

Below is a list of projects using D-Bus. It is not complete so if you know of a project which should be added please just edit the wiki. (Or send mail to the mailing list and see if someone has time to do it for you.)

The list also includes the bus names owned by the projects' software. This is to help avoid namespace clashes as it is important that no two projects use the same bus name. Not all D-Bus usages require owning a bus name, of course.

Be sure to namespace your bus name in com.example.?ReverseDomainStyle as well as listing it here.

Finally, the API column shows a code indicating which of the various D-Bus APIs has been used. These are defined as follows:

  • * D - the raw D-BUS library * G - the GLib bindings * Q - the Qt bindings * P - the Python bindings * M - the Mono/.NET bindings
    Project Description Bus Name API
    Avahi mDNS Responder org.freedesktop.Avahi DGP
    BMPx Music Player org.beepmediaplayer.bmp GP
    Compiz-Fusion Compositing engine and effect plugins org.freedesktop.compiz D
    CUPS (with patch) The Common UNIX Printing System com.redhat.?PrinterSpooler D
    eggcups eggtray printer icon
    EDE Equinox Desktop org.equinoxproject D
    freesmartphone.org Mobile Device framework (GPS, GSM, ... org.freesmartphone D
    Galago desktop-neutral presence system org.freedesktop.Galago DG
    Gajim Jabber client written in PyGTK org.gajim.dbus GP
    Gossip Jabber client org.gnome.Gossip G
    GNOME Power Manager Power management daemon org.gnome.?GnomePowerManager G
    Gnome Nautilus File manager In project
    GNOME Screen Saver Screen Saver org.gnome.?ScreenSaver G
    Gnome Volume Manager Volume manager In project
    HAL Hardware abstraction layer org.freedesktop.Hal PDG
    HFP for Linux Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile Service net.sf.nohands.hfpd DP
    Jamboree Music player org.imendio.jamboree DG
    NavSys Vehicle entertainment and navigation system org.navsys DG
    NetworkManager Network link manager org.freedesktop.NetworkManager PDG
    oddjob Privilege escalation service com.redhat.oddjob D
    Pathfinder X.509 Path Discovery and Validation System ca.carillon.pathfinder D
    Permovi Home Theatre PC application org.permovi M
    Pidgin Instant Messaging client im.pidgin.purple.PurpleInterface ???
    Psi XMPP client org.psi_im.Psi Q
    ROX-Session Desktop session manager net.sf.rox.Session, net.sf.rox.Session.Settings GP
    Skype Skype API com.Skype.API ?
    Telepathy Instant messaging framework org.freedesktop.Telepathy.* (see API docs) GMPQ (mainly G)
    udev Userspace implementation of devfs org.kernel.uidev D
    Zero Install Software installation system
    UniConf Universal Configuration System ca.nit.uniconfd DG
    XChat Multiplatform IRC Client org.xchat.?RemoteObject G
    MyPlay Music playing service org.nadako.myplay GP
    SwarmTv Video downloading service nl.swarmtv GQ
    KDE related applications
    Akregator Feed Reader org.kde.akregator Q
    Amarok Audio Player org.kde.amarok Q
    Ark Archiving Tool org.kde.ark Q
    Blinken Memory Enhancement Game org.kde.blinken Q
    Blogilo A KDE Blogging Client org.kde.blogilo Q
    Bomber Arcade Bombing Game org.kde.bomber Q
    Bovo Five-in-a-row Board Game org.kde.bovo Q
    Cantor KDE Frontend to Mathematical Software org.kde.cantor Q
    Cervisia CVS Frontend org.kde.cervisia Q
    Choqok KDE Micro-blogging Client org.kde.choqok Q
    digiKam Photo Management Program org.kde.digikam Q
    Dolphin File Manager org.kde.dolphin Q
    Dragon Player Video Player org.kde.dragon player Q
    Granatier Bomberman clone org.kde.granatier Q
    Gwenview Image Viewer org.kde.gwenview Q
    Jovie KDE Text To Speech Daemon org.kde.jovie Q
    JuK Music Player org.kde.juk Q
    K3b Disk Burning org.kde.k3b Q
    KAddressBook Contact Manager org.kde.kaddressbook Q
    Kaffeine Media Player org.kde.kaffeine Q
    Kajongg Mah Jongg org.kde.kajongg Q
    KAlarm Personal Alarm Scheduler org.kde.kalarm Q
    KAlgebra Graph Calculator org.kde.kalgebra Q
    Kalzium Periodic Table of Elements org.kde.kalzium Q
    Kanagram Letter Order Game org.kde.kanagram Q
    Kapman Pac-Man Clone org.kde.kapman Q
    KAppfinder Menu Updating Tool org.kde.kappfinder Q
    KAppTemplate KDE Template Generator org.kde.kapptemplate Q
    Karbon14 Scalable Graphics org.kde.karbon14 Q
    Kate Advanced Text Editor org.kde.kate Q
    katimon ATI Graphics Card monitor and overclocking GUI. org.kde.katimon Q
    KAtomic Sokoban-like Logic Game org.kde.katomic Q
    KAudioCreator CD Ripper org.kde.kaudiocreator Q
    KBattleship Battleship Game org.kde.kbattleship Q
    KBlackbox Blackbox Logic Game org.kde.kblackbox Q
    KBlocks Falling Blocks Game org.kde.kblocks Q
    KBounce Ball Bouncing Game org.kde.kbounce Q
    KBreakout Breakout-like Game org.kde.kbreakout Q
    KBruch Exercise Fractions org.kde.kbruch Q
    KCachegrind Profiler Frontend org.kde.kcachegrind Q
    KCalc Scientific Calculator org.kde.kcalc Q
    KCharSelect Character Selector org.kde.kcharselect Q
    KColorChooser Color Chooser org.kde.kcolorchooser Q
    KColorEdit Color Palette Editor org.kde.kcoloredit Q
    KDE Partition Manager Partition Editor org.kde.kde partition manager Q
    KDevelop Integrated Development Environment org.kde.kdevelop Q
    KDiamond Three-in-a-row game org.kde.kdiamond Q
    KDiff3 Diff/Patch Frontend org.kde.kdiff3 Q
    KDiskFree View Disk Usage org.kde.kdiskfree Q
    Kerry Desktop Search org.kde.kerry Q
    KEuroCalc A currency converter and calculator org.kde.keurocalc Q
    Kexi Database Creator org.kde.kexi Q
    KFax Fax Viewer org.kde.kfax Q
    KFileReplace Search & Replace Tool org.kde.kfilereplace Q
    KFind Find Files/Folders org.kde.kfind Q
    KFloppy Floppy Formatter org.kde.kfloppy Q
    KFourInLine Four-in-a-row Board Game org.kde.kfourinline Q
    KFTPgrabber FTP Client org.kde.kftpgrabber Q
    KGeography Geography Trainer org.kde.kgeography Q
    KGet Download Manager org.kde.kget Q
    KGoldrunner Hunt Gold, Dodge Enemies and Solve Puzzles org.kde.kgoldrunner Q
    KGpg Encryption Tool org.kde.kgpg Q
    KGrab Screen Grabbing Program org.kde.kgrab Q
    KGraphViewer A Graphviz dot graph viewer for KDE org.kde.kgraphviewer Q
    KHangMan Hangman Game org.kde.khangman Q
    KIconEdit Icon Editor org.kde.kiconedit Q
    Kig Interactive Geometry org.kde.kig Q
    Kigo Go Board Game org.kde.kigo Q
    Kile LaTeX Frontend org.kde.kile Q
    Killbots org.kde.killbots Q
    KImageMapEditor HTML Image Map Editor org.kde.kimagemapeditor Q
    KInfoCenter Info Center org.kde.kinfocenter Q
    Kiosk Admin Tool Kiosk Framework Administration org.kde.kiosk admin tool Q
    Kiriki Yahtzee-like Dice Game org.kde.kiriki Q
    Kiten Japanese Reference/Study Tool org.kde.kiten Q
    Kivio Flowchart & Diagram Editing org.kde.kivio Q
    KJots Note Taker org.kde.kjots Q
    KJumpingCube Territory Capture Game org.kde.kjumpingcube Q
    Kleopatra Certificate Manager and Unified Crypto GUI org.kde.kleopatra Q
    KLettres Learn The Alphabet org.kde.klettres Q
    KLines Tactical Game org.kde.klines Q
    KLinkStatus Link Checker org.kde.klinkstatus Q
    KMag Screen Magnifier org.kde.kmag Q
    KMahjongg Mahjongg Solitaire org.kde.kmahjongg Q
    KMail Mail Client org.kde.kmail Q
    KMid A KDE4 MIDI/Karaoke Player org.kde.kmid Q
    KMines Minesweeper-like Game org.kde.kmines Q
    KMix Sound Mixer org.kde.kmix Q
    KMLDonkey MLDonkey Client org.kde.kmldonkey Q
    KMouseTool Automatic Mouse Click org.kde.kmousetool Q
    KMouth Speech Synthesizer Frontend org.kde.kmouth Q
    KMPlayer Media Player org.kde.kmplayer Q
    KmPlot Mathematical Function Plotter org.kde.kmplot Q
    KNemo Network Monitor org.kde.knemo Q
    KNetWalk Network Construction Game org.kde.knetwalk Q
    KNode News Reader org.kde.knode Q
    KNotes Popup Notes org.kde.knotes Q
    Kolf Miniature Golf org.kde.kolf Q
    Kollision A simple ball dodging game org.kde.kollision Q
    KolourPaint Paint Program org.kde.kolourpaint Q
    Kommander Dynamic Dialog Editor org.kde.kommander Q
    Kompare Diff/Patch Frontend org.kde.kompare Q
    Konqueror KDE File Manager & Web Browser org.kde.konqueror Q
    Konquest Galactic Strategy Game org.kde.konquest Q
    Konsole Terminal org.kde.konsole Q
    Kontact Personal Information Manager org.kde.kontact Q
    Konversation IRC Client org.kde.konversation Q
    Kopete Instant Messenger org.kde.kopete Q
    KOrganizer Personal Organizer org.kde.korganizer Q
    KPager Desktop Pager org.kde.kpager Q
    KPatience Patience Card Game org.kde.kpatience Q
    KPhotoAlbum Photo Album org.kde.kphotoalbum Q
    KPlato Project Management org.kde.kplato Q
    KPlayer Media Player org.kde.kplayer Q
    KPovModeler Povray Modeler org.kde.kpovmodeler Q
    KPPP Internet Dial-Up Tool org.kde.kppp Q
    KPresenter Presentation org.kde.kpresenter Q
    KRDC Remote Desktop Client org.kde.krdc Q
    KRecipes Cooking Book org.kde.krecipes Q
    KRemoteControl Remote Controls org.kde.kremotecontrol Q
    KReversi Reversi Board Game org.kde.kreversi Q
    Krfb Desktop Sharing org.kde.krfb Q
    Krita Painting and Image Editing org.kde.krita Q
    KRuler Screen Ruler org.kde.kruler Q
    Krusader File Manager org.kde.krusader Q
    KSame Board Game org.kde.ksame Q
    KsCD CD Player org.kde.kscd Q
    KShisen Shisen-Sho Mahjongg-like Tile Game org.kde.kshisen Q
    KSig Signature Editor org.kde.ksig Q
    KsirK World Domination Strategy Game org.kde.ksirk Q
    KSnapshot Screen Capture Program org.kde.ksnapshot Q
    KSpaceDuel Space Arcade Game org.kde.kspaceduel Q
    KSpread Spreadsheet org.kde.kspread Q
    KSquares Connect the dots to create squares org.kde.ksquares Q
    KStars Desktop Planetarium org.kde.kstars Q
    KSudoku Sudoku Game org.kde.ksudoku Q
    KSystemLog System Log Viewer org.kde.ksystemlog Q
    KTeaTime Tea Cooker org.kde.kteatime Q
    KTimer Countdown Launcher org.kde.ktimer Q
    KTimeTracker Personal Time Tracker org.kde.ktimetracker Q
    KTorrent ?BitTorrent Client org.kde.ktorrent Q
    KTouch Touch Typing Tutor org.kde.ktouch Q
    KTron Tron-like Game org.kde.ktron Q
    KTuberling Picture Game for Children org.kde.ktuberling Q
    KTurtle Educational Programming Environment org.kde.kturtle Q
    Kubrick 3-D Game based on Rubik's Cube org.kde.kubrick Q
    KuickShow Image Viewer org.kde.kuickshow Q
    KUIViewer Qt Designer UI File Viewer org.kde.kuiviewer Q
    KUser User Manager org.kde.kuser Q
    KWalletManager Wallet Management Tool org.kde.kwalletmanager Q
    Kwlan Wireless Lan Manager org.kde.kwlan Q
    KWord Word Processor org.kde.kword Q
    KWordQuiz Flash Card Trainer org.kde.kwordquiz Q
    KWrite Text Editor org.kde.kwrite Q
    KXSLDbg XSLT Debugger org.kde.kxsldbg Q
    Lokalize Computer-Aided Translation System org.kde.lokalize Q
    LsKat Card Game org.kde.lskat Q
    Marble Desktop Globe org.kde.marble Q
    Okteta Hex Editor org.kde.okteta Q
    Okular Document Viewer org.kde.okular Q
    Palapeli Jigsaw puzzle game org.kde.palapeli Q
    Parley Vocabulary Trainer org.kde.parley Q
    Printer Applet System tray icon for managing print jobs org.kde.printer applet Q
    Rocs Rocs Graph Theory org.kde.rocs Q
    RSIBreak Makes sure you rest now and then org.kde.rsibreak Q
    Skanlite Image Scanning Application org.kde.skanlite Q
    Skrooge Manage your money org.kde.skrooge Q
    Step Interactive Physical Simulator org.kde.step Q
    SuperKaramba Desktop Widgets org.kde.superkaramba Q
    Sweeper System Cleaner org.kde.sweeper Q
    Tellico Collection Manager org.kde.tellico Q
    Umbrello UML Modeller org.kde.umbrello Q
    Yakuake Drop-down Terminal org.kde.yakuake Q
    Zanshin TODO Management Application org.kde.zanshin Q