Sean Middleditch

I'm a 21-year-old computer programmer working for the government in a top secret location. Well, OK, it's not top secret, but it is the government.

My interests in the desktop area lie mostly in system libraries and tools. I'm currently interested in a better API for file access and management (Software/dvfs), better identity management in both the desktop and system, and single sign-on support through Kerberos.

I'm big into game design, especially MUDs, MMORPGs, LARPs, and table-top RPGs. I've contracted to one game development house and worked (briefly) for Angry Pixels, a Linux-oriented game development company, in addition to open source game development and tons of volunteer work elsewhere.

Professionally, I work mostly on web applications and websites, focusing on security. I don't particularly enjoy doing this, but it makes the monies.

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