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OpenICC peer reviewed icc-profile packages OpenICC has prepared different profile packages. icc-profiles-printing-basiccolor2009 and icc-profiles-openicc are suggested as default packages. Both cover a wide range of colour space and are already included in several Linux distributions. Their content is described below. Offset profiles 2009 Karl Koch, owner of the Company Basiccolor hosts at packages of ICC profiles and test images under a creatice commons licence. The offset 2009 package is based on the same FOGRA characterization-data like the ECI profiles, but they are calculated with a profiling package from Basiccolor. basICColor released its profiles under a free license. The content is nearly identical to icc-profiles-printing-basiccolor2009 except a added ICC checksum.

  • ISOcoated_v2_bas.ICC (FOGRA39L based)
  • ISOcoated_v2_300_bas.ICC
  • ISOnewspaper_v4_26_bas.ICC
  • ISOuncoatedyellowish_bas.ICC
  • PSO_Coated_300_NPscreen_ISO12647_bas.ICC
  • PSO_Coated_NPscreen_ISO12647_bas.ICC
  • PSO_LWC_Improved_bas.ICC
  • PSO_LWC_Standard_bas.ICC
  • PSO_MFC_Paper_bas.ICC
  • PSO_SNP_Paper_bas.ICC
  • PSO_Uncoated_ISO12647_bas.ICC
  • PSO_Uncoated_NPscreen_ISO12647_bas.ICC
  • SC_paper_bas.ICC
  • ISOcoated_v2_grey1c_bas.ICC (17/07/2009)

OpenICC profile collection 1.3

  • sRGB
  • LStar-RGB.icc
  • compatibleWithAdobeRGB1998.icc
  • PhotoGamutRGB_avg6c.icc
  • XYZ.icc
  • Lab.icc
  • Gray.icc
  • Gray-CIE_L.icc
  • ITULab.icc (18/08/2011 Version 1.3)

non free license

Adobe Profiles for Bundlers containing following profiles:

3 RGB profiles

  • Adobe RGB (1998)
  • Apple RGB
  • ?ColorMatch RGB 12 CMYK profiles

  • US Web Coated (SWOP) v2

  • US Web Uncoated v2
  • US Sheetfed Coated v2
  • US Sheetfed Uncoated v2
  • Coated FOGRA27 (ISO 12647-2:2004)
  • Web Coated FOGRA28 (ISO 12647-2:2004)
  • Uncoated FOGRA29 (ISO 12647-2:2004)
  • Coated FOGRA39 (ISO 12647-2:2004)
  • Japan Web Coated (Ad)
  • Japan Color 2001 Coated
  • Japan Color 2001 Uncoated
  • Japan Color 2002 Newspaper
    ECI Offset-profiles 2009 The ECI is a european hub for colormanagement workflows for the graphic arts. The published profiles are based on characterization-data from FOGRA. The profiles are calculated with profiling tools from the company Heidelberg. ECI allows to bundle the profiles into installers, but this needs and individual permission from ECI. ECI uses a non free license.

  • The ECI Offset 2009 package contains.

  • ISO Coated v2 (ECI)
  • ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI)
  • PSO LWC Improved (ECI)
  • PSO LWC Standard (ECI)
  • PSO Uncoated ISO12647 (ECI)
  • ISO Uncoated Yellowish
  • SC Paper (ECI)
  • PSO MFC Paper (ECI)
  • PSO SNP Paper (ECI)
  • PSO Coated NPscreen ISO12647 (ECI)
  • PSO Coated 300% NPscreen ISO12647 (ECI)
  • PSO Uncoated NPscreen ISO12647 (ECI) SWOP and GRACoL Profiles SWOP and GRACoL are specifications for standardized printing in the US maintained by IDEAlliance. Profiles for printing according SWOP and GRACoL are based on characterization-data hosted from CGATS Profiles are calculated with Profiling Tools from X-Rite. Integration of the profiles into installers is may possible but needs the allowance from IDEAlliance.