Linux Color Management Hackfest 2012

  • What: Linux Color Management Hackfest
  • Where: Brno, Czech Republic, Europe @ Red Hat Czech office (the "old" building)
  • When: 9th until 12th November 2012
  • Why: Get different applications from various free desktops together and move color management on them forward
  • Who: S.Kemter , contact them for questions, as local contact (place, travelling etc.)
  • Agenda: Our main focuses are

    • desktop applications, including window managers,
    • web browsers and
    • printing.

  • These topics are already worked on, but in a scattered way. By meeting in person in one place, we want to get something done and build a good understanding of the role of each participating group for a working end to end color management.
  • Travel: Brno has his own airport, but there are not many flights to it. There are direct flights from London/Stansted and Rome/Fiumicino and also Moscow. Another possibility to go to Brno would be the airport in Prague and then to Brno with train or bus. Another possibility is the airport in Vienna and also with bus or train to Brno.
  • A ticket for train costs from Prague arround 13€ and from Vienna arround 9€. Consider the bus, they are really comfortable and they have WLAN ;)
  • Public Transport: for using the public transport buy a ticket for 100+101 zones, consider to buy a 5day ticket for CZK 250 (~9€). To get to the Red Hat office and A-Sport Hotel from Main Railway station or Grand Hotel Student Agency bus station, take a tram 12 or 13, direction to "Technologicky park". The tram stop is "Cervinkova", Red Hat office is on the left side, A-Sport Hotel close on the right. See the .
  • Accomodation: The main hackfest hotels are and . A-Sport Hotel booking is on "CM Hackfest" group.
  • Sponsoring: OpenICC has as organization no budget, we try to win some sponsors, to re-imburse the travel costs. We can not guarantee that we can reimburse all travel costs! If you can be sponsored from another organization or your company, we would appreciate that.
    name project like to work on need sponsoring travel costs need hotel room share
    Kai-Uwe Behrmann Oyranos / OpenICC display+toolkit+print CM yes 100 € yes yes
    Sirko Kemter OpenICC /taxiDB colord and taxi yes 100 € yes yes
    Jaroslav Reznik Red Hat local contact and some KDE no

    Richard Hughes GNOME / colord integration points yes 250 € yes Yes, if required
    Till Kamppeter OpenPrinting/Canonical Color management in printing workflow no 200 € yes Yes, if required
    Daniel Nicoletti KDE / colord-kde Color management for applications yes 1000 € yes Yes, if required
    Casian Andrei KDE / kwin Color management and KDE yes 210 € yes yes
    Øyvind Kolås GIMP/GEGL/babl the future yes 200 € yes Yes, if required
    Chris Murphy Color Remedies / OpenICC CM in Linux yes ~1120 € yes no
    John Layt Qt/KDE Printing If available €200 yes no
    Daniel Jahre taxiDB taxi no €80 yes yes
    Lukas Tinkl KDE KDE no no no no
    Dan Vratil KDE KDE no no no no
    David Tardon LibreOffice LO CM no no no no
    Jan Grulich Fedora KDE no no no no