provides its code through Git, most of which can be found on our GitLab instance, or linked from our Software page.

For more information on using Git, plenty of documentation is available on the internet, e.g. the Git book or GitLab's own help, available from the top of every page.

How our Git is served

The following is probably not interesting to you, unless you care about the particular details of how our servers are configured.

gitlab.fd.o is the master for all Git repositories (apart from the kernel), which is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. For more details, see Infrastructure.

git.fd.o, anongit.fd.o, and cgit.fd.o are still run on the 'old' fd.o fleet at Portland State University, on the kemper.fd.o VM for git and molly.fd.o for anongit and cgit. git.fd.o/kemper has the master storage, exporting a read-only NFS mount to anongit/cgit. Similarly, annarchy.fd.o's /home (for people.fd.o) is NFS mounted into molly to allow cloning as well as cgit access.

All repositories which started off on git.fd.o are still push-mirrored back from GitLab to the old locations; new repositories are not mirrored.

The mirroring is performed in a post-receive Git hook on the GitLab server. The hook is common to all repositories, in a common location with symlinks being manually placed in each repo's custom_hooks directory when the repo is created.

Most manual hooks are still run from git.fd.o: anything that in particular sends email cannot be done directly from GitLab's GCP server, so we do this from kemper.

GitHub mirror

The GitHub freedesktop mirror is controlled by us, and run from kemper. Each repo has a post-receive hook which writes the repo path into a socket; a daemon then runs and pushes out as a full mirror to GitHub with a magic hidden SSH key.

This means that pushes are doubly chained: the user pushes to gitlab.fd.o, which synchronously runs a post-receive hook that pushes to git.fd.o; git.fd.o synchronously runs its post-receive hooks, with the GitHub mirror running asynchronously. This means that pushes to GitLab may hang, or return errors, if git.fd.o is unavailable or its hooks fail.