Getting Involved in is always looking for more involvement. Remember that is a project for developers interested in working on shared desktop code, specifications, or documentation.

Mailing Lists

If you're interested in working on specifications, the best way to get started is to join our mailing list; mail with the word "subscribe" in the subject of your email. xdg-list has archives and on-the-web subscription here.

For other mailing lists and archives, go here.

Again, because this is important: XDG is not a diplomacy project, we want to actually work on specifications rather than discussing what the specifications could contain. Whenever possible, discussion on xdg should focus on a concrete draft specification or existing code. It's best to post a draft of a document, or go ahead and code something up, rather than asking for comments on an abstract topic.

For general discussion, please mail

Source Code: Subversion

A few FD.o projects use Subversion as their revision control system. Developer access is possible using svn+ssh://$$project. And then there's WebSVN, too. TODO: is there anonsvn available at all?

Source Code: Git

Most FD.o projects have been moved to the git revision control system. See UsingGit for more information on using git.

Read-only Git repositories are hosted at git://, browsable online using cgit. Each project may create a repository on in /srv/ using GIT_DIR=/srv/{project}.git git init-db and then they can push commits to that tree with git push.

Source Code: CVS

Anonymous CVS is available from:

cvs<project> login
cvs<project> co <module>

You can browse the modules via web at

Beware: for projects that have moved to git, the source code in CVS is out of date.

CVS commits can be monitored on a per-project basis. See the project's page for more info.

See UsingCvs for help with developer CVS access. Check out the MAINTAINERS list for information about which lists or which people to contact about a given piece of software.

If you have some code that may be of cross-desktop interest, we're happy to host it on our CVS server, and you may want to bring it up for discussion on xdg-list. Mail the fd.o admins with requests for CVS access; be sure to include a pointer to the work you want to put in CVS.


The bugzilla can be found on


See the Translations page to find out where you can contribute translations for some packages.


Join us on #freedesktop on freenode.


Active work on this website is found at RecentChanges. Work to be done on the website can be found in WantedPages and OrphanedPages.