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systemd-veritysetup@.service, systemd-veritysetup — Disk verity protection logic





systemd-veritysetup@.service is a service responsible for setting up verity protection block devices. It should be instantiated for each device that requires verity protection.

At early boot and when the system manager configuration is reloaded kernel command line configuration for verity protected block devices is translated into systemd-veritysetup@.service units by systemd-veritysetup-generator(8).

systemd-veritysetup@.service calls systemd-veritysetup.


The following commands are understood by systemd-veritysetup:

attach volume datadevice hashdevice roothash [option...]

Create a block device volume using datadevice and hashdevice as the backing devices. roothash forms the root of the tree of hashes stored on hashdevice. See Kernel dm-verity documentation for details.

Added in version 250.

detach volume

Detach (destroy) the block device volume.

Added in version 250.


Print short information about command syntax.

Added in version 250.

See Also

systemd(1), systemd-veritysetup-generator(8), veritysetup(8)