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smbios-type-11 — SMBIOS Type 11 strings




Various OS components process SMBIOS Type 11 vendor strings that a virtual machine manager (VMM) may set and a virtual machine (VM) receives. SMBIOS Type 11 vendor strings may play a similar role as kernel-command-line(1) parameters but generally are under control of the VMM rather than the boot loader or UKI.

For details on SMBIOS Type 11 see the System Management BIOS specifications.


The following strings are supported:

io.systemd.credential:CREDENTIAL=VALUE, io.systemd.credential.binary:CREDENTIAL=VALUE

This allows passing additional system credentials into the system, in textual or binary (Base64) form. See systemd.exec(5) and System and Service Credentials for details.

Added in version 252.


This allows configuration of additional kernel command line options, and is read by the kernel UEFI stub. For details see systemd-stub(1).

Added in version 254.


This allows configuration of additional kernel command line options for Boot Loader Specification Type 1 entries, and is read by systemd-boot. For details see systemd-boot(1).

Added in version 256.

See Also

systemd(1), kernel-command-line(7), systemd.system-credentials(7)