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systemd-hibernate-resume-generator — Unit generator for resume= kernel parameter




systemd-hibernate-resume-generator is a generator that initiates the procedure to resume the system from hibernation. It instantiates the systemd-hibernate-resume@.service(8) unit according to the value of resume= parameter specified on the kernel command line, which will instruct the kernel to resume the system from the hibernation image on that device.

Kernel Command Line

systemd-hibernate-resume-generator understands the following kernel command line parameters:


Takes a path to the resume device. Both persistent block device paths like /dev/disk/by-foo/bar and fstab(5)-style specifiers like "FOO=bar" are supported.


Takes the resume device mount options to use. Defaults rootflags= if not specified.


Do not try to resume from hibernation. If this parameter is present, resume= is ignored.

See Also

systemd(1), systemd-hibernate-resume@.service(8), kernel-command-line(7)