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I. polkit Overview
Writing polkit applications
Writing polkit Authentication Agents
Extending polkit
II. D-Bus API Reference
org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Authority Interface — Authority Interface
org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.AuthenticationAgent Interface — Authentication Agent Interface
III. Client API Reference
PolkitAuthority — Authority
PolkitAuthorizationResult — Result for checking an authorization
PolkitDetails — Object used for passing details
PolkitError — Error codes
PolkitActionDescription — Description of Actions
PolkitTemporaryAuthorization — Temporary Authorizations
PolkitPermission — PolicyKit GPermission implementation
PolkitSubject — Type for representing subjects
PolkitUnixProcess — Unix processs
PolkitUnixSession — Unix sessions
PolkitSystemBusName — Unique system bus names
PolkitIdentity — Type for representing identities
PolkitUnixUser — Unix users
PolkitUnixGroup — Unix groups
PolkitUnixNetgroup — Unix netgroups
IV. Backend API Reference
PolkitBackendAuthority — Abstract base class for authority backends
PolkitBackendInteractiveAuthority — Interactive Authority
PolkitBackendLocalAuthority — Local Authority
V. Authentication Agent API Reference
PolkitAgentListener — Abstract base class for Authentication Agents
PolkitAgentTextListener — Text-based Authentication Agent
PolkitAgentSession — Authentication Session
VI. Manual Pages
polkit — Authorization Framework
polkitd — PolicyKit daemon
pkcheck — Check whether a process is authorized
pkaction — Get details about a registered action
pkexec — Execute a command as another user
pklocalauthority — PolicyKit Local Authority
pkttyagent — Textual authentication helper
Object Hierarchy
A. License