lt-qmi-firmware-update [OPTION?] FILE1 FILE2... - Update firmware in QMI devices

       Generic device selection options

       -s, --busnum-devnum=[BUS:]DEV
              Select device by bus and device number (in decimal).

       -d, --vid-pid=VID[:PID]
              Select device by device vendor and product id (in hexadecimal).

       -w, --cdc-wdm=[PATH]
              Select device by QMI/MBIM cdc-wdm device path (e.g. /dev/cdc-wdm0).

       -t, --tty=[PATH]
              Select device by serial device path (e.g. /dev/ttyUSB2).

       Update options (normal mode)

       -u, --update
              Launch firmware update process.

       -f, --firmware-version=[VERSION]
              Firmware version (e.g. '').

       -c, --config-version=[VERSION]
              Config version (e.g. '005.025_002').

       -C, --carrier=[CARRIER]
              Carrier name (e.g. 'Generic').

              Run update operation even with version string errors.

              Download images even if module says it already has them.

              Index storage for the modem image.

              Don't wait to validate the running firmware after update.

       Reset options (normal mode)

       -b, --reset
              Reset device into QDL download mode.

       Update options (QDL mode)

       -U, --update-qdl
              Launch firmware update process in QDL mode.

              Open a cdc-wdm device in either QMI or MBIM mode (default)

              Ignore ModemManager runtime check

       -v, --verbose
              Run action with verbose messages in standard output, including the debug ones.

       -S, --silent
              Run action with no messages in standard output; not even the error ones.

       -L, --verbose-log=[PATH]
              Write verbose messages to an output file.

       -V, --version
              Print version.

       -h, --help
              Show help.

       -H, --help-examples
              Show help examples.



              Use this program with caution. The authors take *no* responsibility if any device gets broken as a result of using this program.

              Please report issues to the libqmi mailing list at:


       qmi-firmware-update 1.20.0

              Copyright (C) 2016-2018 Bj?rn Mork Copyright (C) 2016-2018 Zodiac Inflight Innovations Copyright (C) 2016-2018 Aleksander Morgado

       License GPLv2+: GNU GPL version 2 or later <> This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.  There is NO
       WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

       The full documentation for qmi-firmware-update is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If the info and qmi-firmware-update programs are properly  installed  at  your
       site, the command

              info qmi-firmware-update

       should give you access to the complete manual.

qmi-firmware-update                                                           January 2018                                                        QMI-FIRMWARE-UPDATE(1)

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