for libqmi-glib 1.10.0

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Version checks — Version information in the API.
QmiMessage — Generic QMI message handling routines
QmiDevice — Generic QMI device handling routines
QmiClient — Generic QMI client handling routines
Common enumerations and flags
Common utilities
Device Management Service (DMS)
QmiClientDmsQmiClient for the DMS service.
DMS enumerations and flags
DMS Indications
DMS Event Report
DMS Requests
DMS Reset
DMS Set Event Report
DMS Get Capabilities
DMS Get Manufacturer
DMS Get Model
DMS Get Revision
DMS Get Power State
DMS UIM Set PIN Protection
DMS UIM Get PIN Status
DMS Get Hardware Revision
DMS Get Operating Mode
DMS Set Operating Mode
DMS Get Time
DMS Get PRL Version
DMS Get Activation State
DMS Activate Automatic
DMS Activate Manual
DMS Get User Lock State
DMS Set User Lock State
DMS Set User Lock Code
DMS Read User Data
DMS Write User Data
DMS Read ERI File
DMS Restore Factory Defaults
DMS Validate Service Programming Code
DMS UIM Get CK Status
DMS UIM Set CK Protection
DMS UIM Unblock CK
DMS UIM Get State
DMS Get Band Capabilities
DMS Get Factory SKU
DMS Get Firmware Preference
DMS Set Firmware Preference
DMS List Stored Images
DMS Delete Stored Image
DMS Set Time
DMS Get Stored Image Info
DMS Get Alt Net Config
DMS Set Alt Net Config
DMS Get Software Version
DMS Set Service Programming Code
Network Access Service (NAS)
QmiClientNasQmiClient for the NAS service.
NAS enumerations and flags
NAS Indications
NAS Event Report
NAS Network Time
NAS Serving System
NAS System Info
NAS Signal Info
NAS Requests
NAS Reset
NAS Set Event Report
NAS Register Indications
NAS Get Signal Strength
NAS Network Scan
NAS Initiate Network Register
NAS Get Serving System
NAS Get Home Network
NAS Set Technology Preference
NAS Get Technology Preference
NAS Get RF Band Information
NAS Set System Selection Preference
NAS Get System Selection Preference
NAS Get System Info
NAS Get Signal Info
NAS Config Signal Info
NAS Get CDMA Position Info
NAS Get Tx Rx Info
NAS Get Cell Location Info
Wireless Data Service (WDS)
QmiClientWdsQmiClient for the WDS service.
WDS enumerations and flags
WDS Requests
WDS Reset
WDS Start Network
WDS Stop Network
WDS Get Packet Service Status
WDS Get Packet Statistics
WDS Get Profile List
WDS Get Profile Settings
WDS Get Default Settings
WDS Get Current Settings
WDS Get Data Bearer Technology
WDS Get Current Data Bearer Technology
WDS Set IP Family
Wireless Messaging Service (WMS)
QmiClientWmsQmiClient for the WMS service.
WMS enumerations and flags
WMS Indications
WMS Event Report
WMS Requests
WMS Reset
WMS Set Event Report
WMS Raw Send
WMS Raw Write
WMS Raw Read
WMS Modify Tag
WMS Delete
WMS Get Message Protocol
WMS List Messages
WMS Set Routes
WMS Get Routes
WMS Send From Memory Storage
Position Determination Service (PDS)
QmiClientPdsQmiClient for the PDS service.
PDS enumerations and flags
PDS Indications
PDS Event Report
PDS Requests
PDS Reset
PDS Set Event Report
PDS Get GPS Service State
PDS Set GPS Service State
PDS Get Auto Tracking State
PDS Set Auto Tracking State
Phonebook Management Service (PBM)
QmiClientPbmQmiClient for the PBM service.
PBM enumerations and flags
PBM Requests
PBM Indication Register
PBM Get Capabilities
PBM Get All Capabilities
User Identity Module (UIM) service
QmiClientUimQmiClient for the UIM service.
UIM enumerations and flags
UIM Requests
UIM Reset
UIM Read Transparent
UIM Read Record
UIM Get File Attributes
UIM Get Card Status
Open Mobile Alliance Service (OMA)
QmiClientOmaQmiClient for the OMA service.
OMA enumerations and flags
OMA Indications
OMA Event Report
OMA Requests
OMA Reset
OMA Set Event Report
OMA Start Session
OMA Cancel Session
OMA Get Session Info
OMA Send Selection
OMA Get Feature Setting
OMA Set Feature Setting
Wireless Data Administrative Service (WDA)
QmiClientWdaQmiClient for the WDA service.
WDA enumerations and flags
WDA Requests
WDA Set Data Format
WDA Get Data Format
Object Hierarchy
API Index
Index of deprecated API
Annotation Glossary