gst-plugins-ugly Elements

a52dec — Decodes ATSC A/52 encoded audio streams
amrnbdec — Adaptive Multi-Rate Narrow-Band audio decoder
amrnbenc — Adaptive Multi-Rate Narrow-Band audio encoder
amrwbdec — Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband audio decoder
cdiocddasrc — Read audio from CD using libcdio
lame — High-quality free MP3 encoder (deprecated)
lamemp3enc — High-quality free MP3 encoder
mad — Uses mad code to decode mp3 streams
mp3parse — Parses and frames mpeg1 audio streams (levels 1-3), provides seek
rademux — Demultiplex a RealAudio file
rmdemux — Demultiplex a RealMedia file into audio and video streams
rdtmanager — Accepts raw RTP and RTCP packets and sends them forward
rtspreal — Extends RTSP so that it can handle RealMedia setup
rtspwms — Extends RTSP so that it can handle WMS setup
siddec — Use libsidplay to decode SID audio tunes
twolame — High-quality free MP2 encoder
synaesthesia — Creates video visualizations of audio input, using stereo and pitch information
x264enc — H264 Encoder
xingmux — Adds a Xing header to the beginning of a VBR MP3 file