gstmixeroptions — Multi-option mixer control


#include <gst/interfaces/mixer.h>

struct              GstMixerOptions;
GList *             gst_mixer_options_get_values        (GstMixerOptions *mixer_options);

Object Hierarchy



Mixer control object that allows switching between multiple options. Note that GstMixerOptions is a subclass of GstMixerTrack.


struct GstMixerOptions

struct GstMixerOptions {
  /* list of strings (do not access directly) (FIXME 0.11: make private) */
  GList        *values;

Mixer control object.

GList *values;

List of option strings. Do not access this member directly, always use gst_mixer_options_get_values() instead.

gst_mixer_options_get_values ()

GList *             gst_mixer_options_get_values        (GstMixerOptions *mixer_options);

Get the values for the mixer option.

mixer_options :

The GstMixerOptions item that owns the values.

Returns :

A list of strings with all the possible values for the mixer option. You must not free or modify the list or its contents, it belongs to the mixer_options object.

See Also

GstMixer, GstMixerTrack