gstcolorbalancechannel — Object representing a channel from the GstColorBalance interface.


#include <gst/interfaces/colorbalancechannel.h>

struct              GstColorBalanceChannel;
struct              GstColorBalanceChannelClass;

Object Hierarchy



  "value-changed"                                  : Run Last


The GstColorBalanceChannel object represents a parameter for modifying the color balance implemented by an element providing the GstColorBalance interface. For example, Hue or Saturation.


struct GstColorBalanceChannel

struct GstColorBalanceChannel {
  gchar  *label;
  gint    min_value;
  gint    max_value;

gchar *label;

A string containing a descriptive name for this channel

gint min_value;

The minimum valid value for this channel.

gint max_value;

The maximum valid value for this channel.

struct GstColorBalanceChannelClass

struct GstColorBalanceChannelClass {
  GObjectClass parent;

  /* signals */
  void (* value_changed) (GstColorBalanceChannel *channel,
                          gint                    value);

Color-balance channel class.

GObjectClass parent;

the parent interface

value_changed ()

default handler for value changed notification

Signal Details

The "value-changed" signal

void                user_function                      (GstColorBalanceChannel *channel,
                                                        gint                    value,
                                                        gpointer                user_data)      : Run Last

Fired when the value of the indicated channel has changed.

channel :

The GstColorBalanceChannel

value :

The new value

user_data :

user data set when the signal handler was connected.