for GStreamer Bad Plugins 0.10 (0.10.23) The latest version of this documentation can be found on-line at

gst-plugins-bad Elements
aiffparse — Parse a .aiff file into raw audio
aiffmux — Multiplex raw audio into AIFF
assrender — Renders ASS/SSA subtitles with libass
autoconvert — Selects the right transform element based on the caps
bulge — Adds a protuberance in the center point
burn — Burn adjusts the colors in the video signal.
camerabin — Handle lot of features present in DSC
camerabin2 — CameraBin2
celtdec — decode celt streams to audio
celtenc — Encodes audio in Celt format
chromium — Chromium breaks the colors of the video signal.
circle — Warps the picture into an arc shaped form
coloreffects — Color Look-up Table filter
curlsink — Upload data over the network to a server using libcurl
cvdilate — Applies cvDilate OpenCV function to the image
cverode — Applies cvErode OpenCV function to the image
cvequalizehist — Applies cvEqualizeHist OpenCV function to the image
cvlaplace — Applies cvLaplace OpenCV function to the image
cvsmooth — Applies cvSmooth OpenCV function to the image
cvsobel — Applies cvSobel OpenCV function to the image
dataurisrc — Handles data: uris
dccpclientsink — Send data as a client over the network via DCCP
dccpclientsrc — Receive data as a client over the network via DCCP
dccpserversink — Send data as a server over the network via DCCP
dccpserversrc — Receive data as a server over the network via DCCP
dfbvideosink — A DirectFB based videosink
diffuse — Diffuses the image by moving its pixels in random directions
dilate — Dilate copies the brightest pixel around.
directdrawsink — Direct Draw video sink
dodge — Dodge saturates the colors in the video signal.
dtmfdetect — Detects DTMF tones
dtmfsrc — Generates DTMF tones
dtsdec — Decodes DTS audio streams
dvbsrc — Digital Video Broadcast Source
dvdspu — Parses Sub-Picture command streams and renders the SPU overlay onto the video as it passes through
exclusion — Exclusion exclodes the colors in the video signal.
edgedetect — Performs canny edge detection on videos and images.
faac — Free MPEG-2/4 AAC encoder
faad — Free MPEG-2/4 AAC decoder
faceblur — Blurs faces in images and videos
facedetect — Performs face detection on videos and images, providing detected positions via bus messages
festival — Synthesizes plain text into audio
fisheye — Split the image into two halves and reflect one over each other
fpsdisplaysink — Shows the current frame-rate and drop-rate of the videosink as overlay or text on stdout
freeze — Makes a stream from buffers of data
gaussianblur — Perform Gaussian blur/sharpen on a video
ivfparse — Demuxes a IVF stream
jpegparse — JPEG parser
kaleidoscope — Applies 'kaleidoscope' geometric transform to the image
kateenc — Encodes Kate streams from text or subpictures
katedec — Decodes Kate text streams
kateparse — parse raw kate streams
katetag — Retags kate streams
legacyresample — Resample audio
liveadder — Mixes live/discontinuous audio streams
marble — Applies a marbling effect to the image
mimenc — MSN Messenger compatible Mimic video encoder element
mimdec — MSN Messenger compatible Mimic video decoder element
mirror — Split the image into two halves and reflect one over each other
modplug — Module decoder based on modplug engine
mpeg2enc — High-quality MPEG-1/2 video encoder
mplex — High-quality MPEG/DVD/SVCD/VCD video/audio multiplexer
mythtvsrc — Control and receive data as a client over the network via raw socket connections using the MythTV protocol
mxfdemux — Demux MXF files
mxfmux — Muxes video/audio streams into a MXF stream
nuvdemux — Demultiplex a MythTV NuppleVideo .nuv file into audio and video
pcapparse — Parses a raw pcap stream
pinch — Applies 'pinch' geometric transform to the image
pyramidsegment — Applies pyramid segmentation to a video or image.
rsvgdec — Uses librsvg to decode SVG images
rsvgoverlay — Overlays SVG graphics over a video stream
rtmpsink — Sends FLV content to a server via RTMP
rtmpsrc — Read RTMP streams
rtpmux — multiplex N rtp streams into one
rtpdtmfsrc — Generates RTP DTMF packets
rtpdtmfmux — mixes RTP DTMF streams into other RTP streams
rtpmux — multiplex N rtp streams into one
scaletempo — Sync audio tempo with playback rate
sdlaudiosink — Output to a sound card via SDLAUDIO
sdlvideosink — An SDL-based videosink
shmsink — Send data over shared memory to the matching source
shmsrc — Receive data from the sharem memory sink
sdpdemux — Receive data over the network via SDP
solarize — Solarize tunable inverse in the video signal.
spacescope — Simple stereo visualizer
spectrascope — Simple frequency spectrum scope
synaescope — Creates video visualizations of audio input, using stereo and pitch information
speed — Set speed/pitch on audio/raw streams (resampler)
sphere — Applies 'sphere' geometric transform to the image
square — Distort center part of the image into a square
stereo — Muck with the stereo signal to enhance its 'stereo-ness'
stretch — Stretch the image in a circle around the center point
templatematch — Performs template matching on videos and images, providing detected positions via bus messages
opencvtextoverlay — Write text on the top of video
tiger — Decodes and renders Kate streams on top of a video
timidity — Midi Synthesizer Element
trm — Compute MusicBrainz TRM Id using libmusicbrainz
tunnel — Light tunnel effect
twirl — Twists the image from the center out
videoanalyse — Analyse video signal
videodetect — Detect patterns in a video signal
videomark — Marks a video signal with a pattern
videomaxrate — Drops extra frames
videoparse — Converts stream into video frames
waterripple — Creates a water ripple effect on the image
wildmidi — Midi Synthesizer Element
zbar — Detect bar codes in the video streams
voaacenc — AAC audio encoder
vp8dec — Decode VP8 video streams
vp8enc — Encode VP8 video streams
wavescope — Simple waveform oscilloscope
gst-plugins-bad Plugins
aiffCreate and parse Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF) files
audiovisualizersCreates video visualizations of audio input
autoconvertSelects convertor element based on caps
legacyresampleResamples audio
assrenderASS/SSA subtitle renderer
bayerElements to convert Bayer images
bz2Compress or decompress streams
camerabinHigh level api for DC (Digital Camera) application
cdaudioPlay CD audio through the CD Drive
cdxaparseParse a .dat file (VCD) into raw mpeg1
celtCELT plugin library
coloreffectsColor Look-up Table filters
curllibcurl-based elements
dataurisrcdata: URI source
dccptransfer data over the network via DCCP.
debugutilsbadCollection of elements that may or may not be useful for debugging
dfbvideosinkDirectFB video output plugin
diracDirac plugin
directdrawDirect Draw plugin
dtmfDTMF plugins
dtsdecDecodes DTS audio streams
dvbDVB elements
dvdspuDVD Sub-picture Overlay element
faacFree AAC Encoder (FAAC)
faadFree AAC Decoder (FAAD)
fbdevsinklinux framebuffer video sink
festivalSynthesizes plain text into audio
filterIIR audio filter element
freezeStream freezer
frei0rfrei0r plugin library
gaudieffectsGaudi video effects.
geometrictransformVarious geometric image transform elements
gsmGSM encoder/decoder
h264parseElement parsing raw h264 streams
ivfparseIVF parser
jpegformatJPEG interchange format plugin
kateKate plugin
ladspaAll LADSPA plugins
liveadderAdds multiple live discontinuous streams
lv2All LV2 plugins
mimicMimic codec
mmsMicrosoft Multi Media Server streaming protocol support
modplug.MOD audio decoding
mpeg2encHigh-quality MPEG-1/2 video encoder
mpeg4videoparseMPEG-4 video parser
mpegdemux2MPEG demuxers
mpegpsmuxMPEG-PS muxer
mpegtsmuxMPEG-TS muxer
mpegvideoparseMPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video parser
mplexHigh-quality MPEG/DVD/SVCD/VCD video/audio multiplexer
musepackMusepack decoder
musicbrainzA TRM signature producer based on libmusicbrainz
mveInterplay MVE movie format manipulation
mxfMXF plugin library
nasNAS (Network Audio System) support for GStreamer
neonlib neon http client src
nsfUses nosefart to decode .nsf files
nuvdemuxDemuxes MythTV NuppelVideo files
opencvGStreamer OpenCV Plugins
pcapparseElement parsing raw pcap streams
rawparseParses byte streams into raw frames
realDecode REAL streams
rfbsrcConnects to a VNC server and decodes RFB stream
rsvgRSVG plugin library
rtmpRTMP source and sink
rtpmuxRTP Muxer plugins
scaletempoScale audio tempo in sync with playback rate
sdlSDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) support for GStreamer
sdpconfigure streaming sessions using SDP
shmshared memory sink source
sndfileuse libsndfile to read and write audio from and to files
soundtouchAudio Pitch Controller & BPM Detection
spcdecOpenSPC Audio Decoder
speedSet speed/pitch on audio/raw streams (resampler)
stereoMuck with the stereo signal, enhance it's 'stereo-ness'
swfdecUses libswfdec to decode Flash video streams
timidityTimidity Plugin
ttaTTA lossless audio format handling
vcdsrcAsynchronous read from VCD disk
videomaxrateDrop extra frames
videosignalVarious video signal analysers
vmncVmWare Video Codec plugins
wildmidiWildmidi Plugin
xvidXviD plugin library
voaacencAAC audio encoder
vp8VP8 plugin
zbarzbar barcode scanner
gst-plugins-bad Interfaces