for GStreamer Base Plugins 0.10 (0.10.36) The latest version of this documentation can be found on-line at

gst-plugins-base Elements
adder — Add N audio channels together
appsrc — Allow the application to feed buffers to a pipeline
appsink — Allow the application to get access to raw buffer
alsamixer — Control sound input and output levels with ALSA
alsasink — Output to a sound card via ALSA
alsasrc — Read from a sound card via ALSA
audioconvert — Convert audio to different formats
audiorate — Drops/duplicates/adjusts timestamps on audio samples to make a perfect stream
audioresample — Resamples audio
audiotestsrc — Creates audio test signals of given frequency and volume
cdparanoiasrc — Read audio from CD in paranoid mode
clockoverlay — Overlays the current clock time on a video stream
decodebin — Autoplug and decode to raw media
decodebin2 — Autoplug and decode to raw media
encodebin — Convenience encoding/muxing element
ffmpegcolorspace — Converts video from one colorspace to another
gdpdepay — Depayloads GStreamer Data Protocol buffers
gdppay — Payloads GStreamer Data Protocol buffers
giosink — Write to any GIO-supported location
giosrc — Read from any GIO-supported location
giostreamsink — Write to any GIO stream
giostreamsrc — Read from any GIO stream
gnomevfssink — Write a stream to a GnomeVFS URI
gnomevfssrc — Read from any GnomeVFS-supported file
multifdsink — Send data to multiple filedescriptors
oggdemux — demux ogg streams (info about ogg:
oggmux — mux ogg streams (info about ogg:
playbin — Autoplug and play media from an uri
playbin2 — Autoplug and play media from an uri
subtitleoverlay — Overlays a video stream with subtitles
tcpclientsrc — Receive data as a client over the network via TCP
tcpclientsink — Send data as a client over the network via TCP
tcpserversrc — Receive data as a server over the network via TCP
tcpserversink — Send data as a server over the network via TCP
textoverlay — Adds text strings on top of a video buffer
textrender — Renders a text string to an image bitmap
theoradec — decode raw theora streams to raw YUV video
theoraenc — encode raw YUV video to a theora stream
theoraparse — parse raw theora streams
timeoverlay — Overlays buffer time stamps on a video stream
uridecodebin — Autoplug and decode an URI to raw media
videorate — Drops/duplicates/adjusts timestamps on video frames to make a perfect stream
videoscale — Resizes video
videotestsrc — Creates a test video stream
volume — Set volume on audio/raw streams
vorbisdec — decode raw vorbis streams to float audio
vorbisenc — Encodes audio in Vorbis format
vorbisparse — parse raw vorbis streams
vorbistag — Retags vorbis streams
ximagesink — A standard X based videosink
xvimagesink — A Xv based videosink
gst-plugins-base Plugins
adderAdds multiple streams
alsaALSA plugin library
appElements used to communicate with applications
audioconvertConvert audio to different formats
audiorateAdjusts audio frames
audioresampleResamples audio
audiotestsrcCreates audio test signals of given frequency and volume
cdparanoiaRead audio from CD in paranoid mode
decodebindecoder bin
encodingvarious encoding-related elements
ffmpegcolorspacecolorspace conversion copied from FFMpeg 0.4.9-pre1
gdpPayload/depayload GDP packets
gioGIO elements
gnomevfselements to read from and write to Gnome-VFS uri's
libvisuallibvisual visualization plugins
oggogg stream manipulation (info about ogg:
pangoPango-based text rendering and overlay
playbackvarious playback elements
subparseSubtitle parsing
tcptransfer data over the network via TCP
theoraTheora plugin library
typefindfunctionsdefault typefind functions
uridecodebinURI Decoder bin
video4linuxelements for Video 4 Linux
videorateAdjusts video frames
videoscaleResizes video
videotestsrcCreates a test video stream
volumeplugin for controlling audio volume
vorbisVorbis plugin library
ximagesinkX11 video output element based on standard Xlib calls
xvimagesinkXFree86 video output plugin using Xv extension
gst-plugins-base Classes