Part I. GStreamer Filters Libraries

Table of Contents

Gstreamer Filters Library
GstFilter — Filters to apply on a pipeline
GstFilter helper functions — Helper functions for writing a filter
GstFilterManager — The filter manager to handle GstFilter objects
GstSingleFilterManager — A filter manager that can only be applied once
GstMultiFilterManager — A filter manager that can be applied multiples times
Included filters
GstBinFilter — A customizable bin filter
GstAudioconverterFilter — An audio converter filter
GstVolumeFilter — An audio volume filter
GstLevelFilter — An audio level filter
GstVideoconverterFilter — A video converter filter
GstMaxFramerateFilter — A video framerate limiter filter
GstFramerateFilter — A video framerate filter
GstVideoSizeFilter — A filter to modify a video's resolution
GstGnomeEffectFilter — A Gnome Video Effect filter
GstPreviewFilter — A video preview filter

This manual describes the libraries provided by the GStreamer Filters package.