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I. D-Bus API Reference
Annotation Glossary
org.freedesktop.ColorManager — ColorManager interface
org.freedesktop.ColorManager.Device — Device interface
org.freedesktop.ColorManager.Profile — Profile interface
org.freedesktop.ColorManager.Sensor — Sensor interface
II. libcolord GObjects
cd-color — Color object data functionality
CdDom — A XML parser that exposes a DOM tree
CdIcc — An object to read and write a binary ICC profile
CdIccStore — An object to monitor a directory full of ICC profiles
cd-icc-utils — Utilities for working with CdIcc objects
CdTransform — An ICC transform
CdInterpAkima — Interpolate data using the Akima method
CdInterpLinear — Interpolate data using a linear method
CdInterp — Interpolate 2D data using a variety of methods
cd-it8-utils — Utilities for working with CdIt8 objects
CdIt8 — Read and write IT8 color sample exchange files
cd-math — Common maths functionality
cd-spectrum — A single set of spectral values
cd-version — Obtains the version for the installed colord
III. libcolord
cd-client-sync — Sync helpers for CdClient
CdClient — Main client object for accessing the colord daemon
cd-device-sync — Sync helpers for CdDevice
CdDevice — Client object for accessing information about colord devices
cd-profile-sync — Sync helpers for CdProfile
CdProfile — Client object for accessing information about colord profiles
cd-sensor-sync — Sync helpers for CdSensor
CdSensor — Client object for accessing information about colord sensors
A. License